Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We started with the traditional Easter party at my parents. I can't remember a year that we didn't dye eggs!

David Scott and o had a great time playing together.

The Easter bunny came and brought all the things o will need to enjoy our new pool! We move this Friday!!

We discovered that the magic jelly beans really did work!

And then we had a melt down and this is the official photo. Love the girl and the dress but the drama is killing me!

Hunting eggs at Matt's cousins house.


Happy Easter!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Is here! Finally!! Here are some. Random photos from the past few weeks.

Dinner and a movie. One of my favorite Ruston activities.

We went to Shreveport to visit great raft brewery. YUMMY!! ;)

O and Alli ready for prom.

The KD gang sign. Thanks to taylor, her sigma kappa sitter, for teaching her.

Sweet girl/little mama.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Church egg hunt

O loves an egg hunt. Thankful for an amazing children's ministry at trinity.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

LDBC Cinderella

Missy Crain's ballet co put on Cinderella the weekend following spring break. GG and Pops took o. O has really come into her own. She's not the prissy girly girl but she is not all tom boy either. She is the perfect balance. So when she would only wear her Cinderella dress over her tshirt I didn't fight it. O thoroughly enjoyed this production. I heard rave reviews from my parents too! They also attended the "ball" beforehand and met Cinderella and Prince Charming!

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Spring break

O headed to the boro on Monday for spring break. Turns out she did have a touch of a stomach virus. Thanks GG and Pops for handling that! But they didn't let that ruin their fun!

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Somewhere over the rainbow

More like somewhere over I-20. We started o's spring break by heading to Dallas for the wizard of oz! We went straight to chewy's for lunch where we caught the end of the tech game! Then headed to the show. It did not disappoint and o loved it. Afterwards we hit up the park in the middle of downtown Dallas. It was COLD and we were not prepared for the weather. But o was having a ball! The on to dinner at PF Changs. I had never been there and was expecting "knock your socks off" good. I got something far from that. At least I know now.... The fun started abt 1:30 am when o awoke throwing up. That was a first! 3 hours later we were back in bed and by the next morning she had a low temp but was otherwise fine. But due to weather and possible stomach virus we just headed straight home! We'll hit the zoo up another time!

Berry is our newest travel partner. He goes everywhere with us.

The North American bridge championships were going on in our hotel. Little old ladies everywhere!

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