Friday, November 27, 2009

happy thanksgiving and guess who can sit up!

well, happy thanksgiving a day late. this year rett and i are sooo thankful for our precious little girl. as noted in my last post we couln't go anywhere this year b/c of olivia's rsv. so, we stayed home and had our own little thankgiving. we cooked a turkey, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole and an apple pie. all of these we'd never even attempted to cook before so we were "winging" it! and, i must say, it was DELICIOUS! we outdid ourselves. we have enough to feed us for a week but at least we liked it! sadly, i have no pictures to document our kitchen adventures.

guess who's sitting up now??? you got it! our little girl can sit, unassisted, for a minute or two at a time! it's so fun to sit her up and yell at her to get her to look at you. she gives this look like, what, why are you screaming at me???

and, to prove it... enjoy! these were taken over the last few days. the pumpkin outfit was worn yesterday on thanksgiving so at least we got SOME pictures of her first thanksgiving!

and, an rsv update... we're still doing breathing treatments 3 times a day. olivia officially has no schedule, and it's driving me crazy. the cough is still persistant but not as bad. she sleeps very little, probably b/c the breathing treatment is a steroid and it hypes her up. her eating had decreased to about 2-4 ounces every 3 hours or so and i was force feeding those. finally, over the past day her appetite has picked up and we're up to about 5-7 ounces every 3-4 hours. i THINK we're turning the corner here. hopefully we can get her back on her regular schedule sooner rather than later. i think we're taking her back to daycare on monday but i'm worried that she's just going to relapse. so, i don't know what to do but i do know that i can't keep paying for fulltime daycare and fulltime babysitters! the past two weeks have been EXPENSIVE! i think that catches you up. have a great weekend!

Monday, November 23, 2009

where did the past two weeks go???

so sorry. again. it's been a while. let me catch you up.
olivia went to her first basketball game a few weeks ago. this is wes a. holding her. he LOVES olivia!
two weekends ago rett and i headed to br for the tech vs lsu game. what a game! so close!olivia turned 6 months on the 15th.
i turned 29 (oh my) on the 18th.
olivia has rsv. yes. rsv. sick little girl. we're doing breathing treatments 3 times a day, indefinately. she's not going to daycare which means we're lucky enough to have to pay daycare AND babysitters. oh joy. we can't even take her to thanksgiving b/c she can't be around large groups of people.
you can just see it in her eyes that she does not feel good! this was at the doctor the week before she was diagnosed with rsv. she was actually diagnosed a week later at her 6 month well baby check up.
here are some pics that i thought just turned out cute!
in SUPER exciting news... my friend sarah had her baby, david scott, on my bday! go over to her page and tell her just how cute baby rain is!
i realize that olivia is wearing pj's in almost all of these pics. well, when you don't leave the house for weeks on end, there's really no need to get dressed! however, she will wear her thanksgiving smocked dress even though we'll just be staying at home. might as well get SOME wear out of it!
i think that hits the highlights. stay tuned to see how my first thanksgiving dinner turns out. this may be my first and last to ccok!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

we love mrs. meg!

i know. i've been slacking with the blog. sorry!

meg has been a friend of mine since she was a senior in high school. oh, about 5 or 6 years now! she started working for us as an "intern" for school and then continued to work at mcintyre while in college.

she loves kids and, thankfully, said she'd babysit while she and her husband were home this week from florida (where they live - jealous - i know!) so, tuesday afternoon she came over and spent some time with olivia while i ran errands. here are some pics she took. don't you just love a babysitter that will take pics of your child!?!?
as you can see olivia loves mrs. meg! she also loves her feet now. she found them and won't let them go!
here's a pic of meg and olivia shortly after she was born!
ok, now i'll catch you up on olivia since my last post. as noted above she loves her feet! she's "talking" all the time. she's become somewhat dependant - she whines when i (or rett or anyone else) walks out of the room and leaves her alone. she needs constant entertainment, which makes my job just a tiny bit harder! she's sick again. the same "virus" she had last time. stuffy nose, coughing, etc... still no fever. we took her to the doctor saturday morning and he tested her for rsv but it came back negative. we're starting zyrtec tomorrow night to see if it helps. she'll be 6 months old on sunday. i can't believe it! she goes for her 6 month checkup on monday.
i scored some tickets to the tech/lsu game this weekend (thanks boss man!) so rett and i are heading down saturday after olivia gets her shots. does it make me a bad mom that i'm leaving her on the day she gets her 6 month shots? i hope not. she's not been affected by any of her shots thus far so i'm praying these go just as smoothly.
i guess that's all for now. have a great rest of the week and weekend!