Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas cards

I just love them!! I love checking the mail everyday getting them! I keep each years in bags and about once a year look at them. I love seeing how everyone's families have changed! I start planning mine months in advance. Usually I go back and forth on perfecting it. It's stressful!! But this year was different. I knew we'd use a wedding picture but I quickly realized we wouldn't have them in time to do a Christmas card. No big deal we just made it a New Years card. So I didn't yet have our pics but at work one day it hit me. We put a pic of o on the front and a family shot on the back. The front would say "cheers to a new year" and the back "and new beginnings". My go to card maker (brittany napper at Dixie paper - look her up) always exceeds my expectations. Without yet knowing what pics we'd use I emailed her my idea and told her to sit on it! Once I got the pics I sent her the two and told her to think sparkly and gold. She blew me away. Behold. Our 2013 card.

I've done Christmas cards for close to 10 years now. I didn't start doing photo cards until o was born though. These, by far, are my absolute favorite of all time!

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Winter happenings and Christmas break

Pajama day at school for polar express day!

Santa visited before Christmas!

The official 2013 ornament!

Tech vs ULM.

Plenty of practice time on the roller skates.

We met friends in Monroe for a skating play date.

O did her first holter monitor.

And celebrated 24 hours later when she got to take it off.

Christmas with Matt's parents.

Matt and o had a breakfast date one day while I worked.

Back to school this week!

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New Year's Eve

It's become tradition to have dinner with friends on NYE. This year we went to sage in Monroe. Yummy!! Afterwards a few of us went to sundown to actually see the new year. Fun times!

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We went to Winnsboro for our traditional Christmas Eve party.

GG and pops hit the jackpot.

We got home and got ready for Santa!

O was so fun this year! She LOVED everything and still plays with it all!

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