Monday, July 21, 2014

O's summer vacation

Our trip to the beach was cancelled last minute so mom took o for a "staycation" in Winnsboro. Mom stressed over finding a place to take o this year but o considers going to their house a trip of a lifetime so this worked out well. And Mrs. Sherry was gonna have David Scott and Rachel was bringing Anders down so they planned a fun filled Friday. The polar vortex hit so swimming wasn't an option so they did lots of crafts and made pizza and had fun playing. This friendship is now spanning 3 generations and I'm so glad it's continuing!

It wasn't the beach but come the first week of December o won't care that we didn't go this year! ;)

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Princess Peach

This was so fun and I'm so glad o did it. This has been going on for 60 something years. It's like a right of passage in Ruston for little girls. She rode in the parade a few weekends ago then the ice cream social/rehearsal was yesterday and the pageant was this morning. My fav quote, "mom I got a trophy! My first trophy!" And she came home and displayed it on her nightstand. She had a blast throughout all of the events and was especially happy a few of her friends did it with her. These girls are precious; their hearts are huge!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4 weekend

I was so glad to have a long weekend! This pic just makes me laugh. She was laughing the whole time I let her skinny dip.

Most of our friends came over on the 4th for swimming, burgers and sparklers.

On the 5th we celebrated Jamie's birthday! We dined at 2 Johns and then hit up Margaritaville. It was a fun night!!

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June in review

I really dislike getting this far behind. I also really dislike not taking many pics. MUST do better!!

Being silly in the shower.

Watching our friends at the LG dance recital.

First Ruston peach of the summer.

Millie, o's friend from LPECC came for a play date. Miss Taylor knows that family and arranged the whole thing. I love that my babysitters love making my child happy!

Emory Napper turned 5!

Matt turned 36!!

O went fishing with her daddy for the first time on Father's Day. And caught a big one!

Blueberry picking with Taylor!!

And I just LOVE going through my phone and finding selfies. Makes me giggle!!

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Dance recital 2014 - Aladdin

O had another awesome year of dance. I'm so glad she loves it. Matt woke up sick the morning of so we gave o her flowers before she and I left. I couldn't handle EVERYTHING by myself so the flowers were the compromise. :)

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