Monday, September 24, 2012

Glad to see my baby!

Since I got back late Saturday night o's dad kept her overnight. I woke up about 8:45 and was there picking her up by 9:15. I told her I had presents for her and she asked if they were big with bows! Greedy, much?!? I brought her a t-shirt and the book "Goodnight Chicago".

We lunched at Johnny's and then headed to the park to meet the Willefords.

Yes, she did wear her cheerleader suit to both lunch and the park.

These kids went through an entire loaf of bread in about 3 minutes.

After naps (for both of us) it was time for choir at church. I convinced her the cheerleader suit was dirty so she settled for her best pearls.

Glad to have her home!!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


We weren't there nearly long enough to do everything but we had a blast! I needed 2-3 more days for the museums and all the restaurants but that's ok because I will be going back!

In no particular order and going clockwise for each set of pics...

The ferris wheel at navy peer, for my dad who made us listen to Paul Harvey everyday on the way to school growing up, a bar/restaurant in Millennium park, giadorno's pizza. THE best. We had Gino's East as part of the conference but it wasn't as good.

The sky ledge at sear's tower! So fun! We had dinner on the 66th floor with the conference and got to go up to the 103rd (???) for pics on the ledge!

Wrigley field! This was top on my list of things to do. Emery and I navigated the subway, bought tickets off a man on the street and really enjoyed ourselves.

Buildings from the river, skyline from lake Michigan, some random bldg and the trump tower. All photos taken from the architectural boat tour. It's a must do while in Chicago.

Soldier field.

Millennium park. The column fountain, the monument thanking the founders of the park, a random sculpture, the band pavilion.

The bean! I spent at least 30 min here taking pics of my reflection!

Fun golf balls all over the city. I guess getting ready for the Ryder cup???

We left Wednesday morning and arrived about 11. After dropping our bags at the hotel we had lunch at Giordono's. Then we conquered the Magnificent mile. Then dinner at the hotel for the conference. Thursday morning we had meetings until noon, lunch, the boat tour and then free time. I chose to walk down to millennium park. So glad I did! Then dinner/sky ledge at the sears tower. It's new name is Willis tower but everyone knows it as sears. Then we hit up a local bar for a little bit but called it a night by midnight!

Friday we had meetings until 11 and then we had Potbelly for lunch. Then the subway ride to wriglyville. LOVED it! We made our way back after the game and went to dinner at D4, an Irish pub.

Saturday we started with breakfast at West Egg Cafe. ANOTHER MUST DO. Yum!! Then more shopping, a cab ride to grant park to see the buckingham fountain and made our way back to the hotel to get to the airport.

I could write a novel about this trip and post 100 pics but I won't bore you. I just can't wait to go back!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pre-k 3 open house

What fun! Olivia showed us her classroom, what she's been working on, her favorite toys, etc. Mrs. Brooksie told us what all they learn and at what pace.

I'm just so excited that she loves school and is learning so much! She wrote the letter A all by herself the other night! Can't wait for the rest of the letters to follow suit!

They learn a new letter/number every week. They are working on the days of the week and months of the year. They will learn about all 5 senses. They learn a bible verse every week!

Her desk.

O and Brice Canterbury in the reading nook. Apparently he calls her his girlfriend! LOL! And they sit by each other at table time!

Looking forward to MANY more school open houses!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Play time and Rice game

A pro on the monkey bars at school.

I think Santa needs to bring a big girl bike!

Walking into dance Wednesday O looked up at me and said, "mama, I love dance." I'm so glad!!

And yesterday was the first home game of the season! Too bad O was with her dad but I'm sure she still had a great time.

Sadly, yes, this is the best picture we took.

31 years and counting. I don't remember not going to a tech game growing up!

And Meg's baby shower was yesterday morning! I'm so excited for her and Bryan! Cute pregnant people make me nauseous. :)

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mamamack and Tech vs Houston

We left Friday morning headed to the woodlands. But back up.... Thursday I got an email from my aunt saying my grandmother wasn't feeling well and she said for us not to come. Well, we were going regardless bc we had a game to watch! Then my dad texts me and tells me he's sick and I needed to unload his ticket. Geez. I began to wonder if these were signs. But I told the boy that we were going and he better not even think about bailing! So we left Friday morning! O did great on the way down.

We got to the woodlands and met my aunt at mamamack's home. We visited there about 45 min or so but then left to let her rest. O really enjoyed playing with the dominoes and the ducks out by the pond.

Then to eat with aunt Linda. And back to the hotel. The boy worked Thursday night and then drove us Friday so he hadn't slept in over 24 hours at this point. So I took o swimming.

Saturday morning started with a trip to target and the mall. O and Matt stayed at the mall play area while I shopped a little.

Then to aunt Linda's for lunch and visiting.

O and mamamack hit it off! O really enjoyed playing with her in the sewing room, measuring and pinning things! It got awfully quiet back there so aunt Linda had to go check on them a few times! I've been asked 100 times since yesterday where mamamack and aunt Linda are!

Hopefully aunt Linda's official pic came out better than the iPhone pic.

And then it was time to head into Houston for the game. We got there about 4 and tailgated before the game. We enjoyed seeing Lindsey and Bobbie! And several other tech faithful from Ruston.

My favorite part of their not too user friendly stadium... The skyline.

O did GREAT at the game but about 1/2 way through the 1st quarter she told me she was, "getting so tired."

Her friend she made.

His name was Brody and he was at the game with his dad. They had a ball together.

So we left at half time. Partly bc she had done SO WELL up to that point that I didn't want to jinx it! But it was a GREAT game and we got the win!

I'm so glad we took this trip! It couldn't have gone more smoothly unless o had napped Saturday but oh well! We had some great time with family and an awesome time at the game. Being potty trained opens up a whole new world of traveling opportunities! Ha!

Side note: Toby Keith was performing in the woodlands saturday night. This truck was in our hotel parking lot. Probably not him but definitely some of his crew!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Missy Crain school of dance

The day was finally here! O has talked about it for weeks.

Picture overload.

Was super excited GG stayed to take her to class.


Meeting up with all her friends.

With Elle from school. Allie is also in her class but I don't know what she looks like. But I met her mom tonight!

I was shocked she just walked back without ever looking back.

They let each mom poke their head in for a photo and then they shut the door! I wanted to watch so badly!!!

With Drew after class.

O wouldn't pose with Emory or Brileigh Grace so we'll get them next time. Conley (from km a long time ago) is also in the class.

When she came out at the end I could tell she'd had a good time. She wouldn't tell me her teacher's names so I'll have to work on that. This was such a special day for me. I'm by no means a good dancer but Tommy Church faithfully taught me for about 13 years on and off. I'd been waiting on this day since I found out o was a girl. Now for may 31 or June 1. RECITAL!!

Pre-k 3 and dance. All in a hard days work!

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