Tuesday, May 31, 2011

first day of “school”

today was the day.  olivia started emmanuel.  drop off didn’t go so well but i know it’s going to take a few days for her to get used to her new surroundings.  the good news is that when i got there to pick her up she was happy and playing; albeit alone, but still playing.  once she makes friends i’m sure she’ll be happy there.

DSC01185 (1)

here’s o with mrs. debbie on her last day there; last week.  we’ve LOVED mrs. debbie and will really miss her.  she’s great with kids and i’d recommend her to anyone looking for a sitter for a toddler.  but, it was time to get some “learning” going on so we made the tough decision to move her.  i know o was learning things at mrs. debbies (example – she knows the word “boobies” and both rett and i deny teaching it to her so she had to pick it up there…  :) ) but picking it up from other kids and having a certified teacher are 2 different things.  with all that said, i already miss mrs. debbie!  we’d chat in the mornings and evenings and i consider her a friend.  i’ll still use her as my backup plan for emergency days when emmanuel closes; it’s gonna happen with lincoln parish’s record for closing b/c of a FORECAST of snow…  emphasis on FORECAST.  i have never in my life witnessed more school closings than i have since moving to ruston.  i digress…

i tried so hard to get a pic of o this morning on her first official day of “school” (i call it school b/c they do have a short lesson every morning) but the meltdown that occurred made it hard for me to get my camera ready so i’ll keep trying this week until we get one! 

Monday, May 30, 2011

happy memorial day!

we invited drew and aubree over to help us celebrate memorial day!  it's sad that we all live within 2 blocks of each other and never get the girls together.  these 3 are in kindermusik together in a class all their own so they've become big buddies.  we started off in the backyard but b/c i have NO shade and it was HOT we didn't last too long and moved this party inside! IMG_9577 IMG_9586 IMG_9587 IMG_9588 IMG_9575

props to shawn and jason for manning the grill.  i PROMISE next time i'll make sure i have gas!  :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new and improved playroom!

my dream finally became a reality tonight!  6 years ago when we first looked at this house i told rett “that” room (referring to the enclosed garage) would make a great playroom.  “that” room has been many things in 6 years.  it first served as a junk room that we could shut the door to.  then rett’s office when we found out i was pregnant.  then another junk room consisting of lots of wasted space.  6 years later i have that playroom!  now i have a coffee table, end table and other random furniture to get to my parents house but that will come!  i’m just so excited i no longer have toys in my living room!

the view looking in from the dining room – the wagon will be finding it’s permanent home outside; i’m tired of taking it out and bringing it back in.  i’ve decided it CAN get rained on!IMG_9569the view from the laundry room.  i don’t think that tv works but that’s ok since o doesn’t really like tv anyway!IMG_9570that lamp is going with the rest of the random furniture but until i can load it all up and take it down there it has to stay.IMG_9571

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 year check-up and first swim of the season

another busy day!  and it was fun!  i really do love taking o places; except walmart.  we left bright and early this morning headed to dr. khanfar.  stats: *29.5 lbs (82%), *35.8 inches (91%), *19 inch head cir. (71%).

he joked that she's the size of an average 3 year old!  who knew?!?  when she was born on through her first year she was always in the 25-30%.  she's done a lot of growing!  hoss.  dr. khanfar is really so sweet.  when we were getting measured by the nurse he walked by and looked at o and said, "some girls are just beautiful and you're one of them!"  now, he probably says this to all of his patients but i was grinning from ear to ear!  he gave us a referral to dr. altic to get a mole checked out.  she was born with a pretty big mole at the top of her booty but recently it's either gotten different or darker.  i can't tell b/c i rarely look at it but i've noticed it lately and it bothers me so he agreed it was time to look at it.  i'll have to make that appt soon. 

after the dr we went to target and got a new toy organizer shelf thing.  we also got o some new tennis shoes b/c she starts emmanuel next week and has to wear shoes and socks.  gag me.  i’m really upset about this.  one, it’s hot outside.  two, she’s going to look ridiculous in socks and tennis shoes with a summer dress on.  but as long as everyone else looks just as ridiculous then i guess i can live with it!IMG_9545

then to sams, hobby lobby, chick-fil-a.  i found no-show socks at sams!  that makes this tennis shoe issue a little better.  we had a nice lunch at chick-fil-a and i let her play for a little bit.  IMG_9553 IMG_9550 she refused to nap so we went swimming – hey, what are vacays for?!?  she looks so cute in her pool gear!IMG_9559IMG_9566 IMG_9560

i’m SO glad that people suggested to emery the puddle jumper.  i saw several kids wearing them last year but didn’t know what they were called.  i picked one up today before going swimming and it saved o’s life!  after about 30 seconds in the pool she was jumping off the side to me.  (i was pretty shocked that she’d do this.)  we went back and forth from the kiddie pool to the big pool.  on one of our trips from the kiddie to the big she got ahead of me and ran straight into the big pool.  i was only half paying attention until i heard a splash, looked up and there was o bobbing in the pool.  i’ve never run so fast and jumped so hard into the shallow end!  the puddle jumper did it’s job!!!  thank God!IMG_9564IMG_9563

now sadly i go back to work tmrw after lunch.  fun is over.  but looking forward to a long, holiday weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

first zoo visit!

i’m off work a few days this week and having a blast hanging out with o!  so this is what it’s like to spend a lot of time with your child!  i knew we’d need some activities for these few days so i planned a day trip to tyler, tx to visit the caldwell zoo.  i’d heard really great things about it and it was very clean and nice.  but it was really small.  REALLY SMALL.  and i never saw a monkey!  what zoo doesn’t have a monkey?  it doesn’t matter though b/c o had a ball and that’s why we went!  too bad my garmin blows and we went 20 miles PAST tyler before realizing something was off so we had to backtrack 20 miles.  but we finally found it!  we had lunch at the zoo b/c our detour kinda threw off our timing.  that was neat (yes, i just used the word “neat”) b/c the tables overlooked the giraffes and elephants.  thank you jackie for going with us! 

documenting her first trip to tx!IMG_9509  there was a petting zoo with goats!IMG_9538

IMG_9512 IMG_9514 IMG_9515 IMG_9518 IMG_9525 IMG_9535

Sunday, May 22, 2011

fun filled saturday

whew!  what a day!  we started with an awesome birthday party for sweet drew.  it was a papa simpson’s farm and this was our first time there.  we’ll DEFINITELY go back!  olivia was in heaven!  we held baby chicks, goats and sheep.  we fed baby cows, milked a cow, fed goats, chasaed goats, looked at pigs & donkeys, fed chickens, rode a horse and attempted a train ride which o was not a fan of.  other than that little hiccup she was a PRO with the animals.  i told somone i just need to find a farmer and we’ll be hooked up!  ha!  i asked mrs. papa simpson if we could come out every saturday and feed her animals! IMG_9396 IMG_9400 IMG_9420 IMG_9448 IMG_9469IMG_9491 after the party i ran home, changed clothes, left o here with gg and headed to monroe for courtney’s shower that the bridesmaids hosted.  we had it at vieux carre and it turned out really well!  there was a good turnout and she got lots of nice gifts!  and the food was awesome!  IMG_9504 IMG_9502 then straight back to ruston to pick up o and gg and off to brad anders’ graduation party/mrs. sherry’s bday party!  we had a lot of fun but the most fun was had by o.  the party was at rachel and dusty’s and they have 2 labs that o fell in love with.  she played with them for most of the party.  throwing their toys, retrieving them, feeding them ice, petting them.  i must say that dusty was great with her; maybe that’s a sign…  we got some good time in with sarah, scott and david scott as well.  sadly no pics were taken at this party. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sandbox fun!

gg and pops gave o a sandbox for her bday.  let the record show that i asked them to give her a sandbox but i was going to fill it with balls.  like a big, outdoor ball pit.  gg thought that was a terrible idea and that all kids need a sandbox so sand it is!  and who know those little bags of sand weigh so much???  it was tough filling that thing which is why i stopped after one bag.  i figure at the rate that she was throwing out the sand if i only put one bag at a time in it it might last through july!  you know how i know that she loves her new sandbox…when it was time to come inside i put the lid on the turtle and she belly-flopped on top of it like it was life or death and wailed.  like a gut wrenching cry.  she was unhappy!  so, the sand was a good idea.  but the first time i find cat poop in it i’m calling gg to come clean it out! IMG_9372 IMG_9373 IMG_9376 IMG_9378 IMG_9379IMG_9382 and did you notice that PONYTAIL???  we won’t be rocking that in public anytime soon; the front is still way to big (b/c it grows forward when you pull it back it just “poofs” up) but it is noteworthy that we now have the length for that!

Monday, May 16, 2011

happy birthday sweet olivia!

yesterday was the day!  you are 2!  i sang “happy birthday” to you yesterday morning as you stood in your crib and looked at me like i was stupid.  but then the light must have gone off in your pretty little head b/c you started smiling and giggling!  made my effort worthwhile!  IMG_9329IMG_9331

after church we had your bday lunch at old mexico.  you still LOVE cheese so any place that serves a cheese enchilada is tops in your book.  you also LOVE chips and salsa.  any salsa.  i caught you drinking yours today!  you get that from your mama.  :)    IMG_9333 after lunch we headed to winnsboro to hitch a ride with gg and pops to natchez, ms.  the ms river is in the process of flooding everything in it’s path and it’s definitely the highest i’ve ever seen it.  we walked up and down the river and then went “under the hill.”  who knew that natchez was such a happening place?!?  i think i’ll go back one day soon with some friends!  :)  the waitress figured out it was your bday and brought you a piece of chocolate pecan pie with 2 cherries on top.  you were in heaven!  you get your sweet tooth from your daddy. 100_0320 100_0325 100_0339 100_0344100_0405 100_0363    IMG_9341 IMG_9342 IMG_9347 100_0371IMG_9357 IMG_9362 IMG_9363 IMG_9365

happy birthday sweet girl!  i love you more than you know and i can’t wait for many more birthday memories!

and this concludes my series of picture overload posts.  i promise!  but this WLW is spectacular and uploads pics so fast!  i just couldn’t help it on these!  :)