Sunday, March 28, 2010


well, i promised a positive post so you're gonna get one! i had a great weekend! friday night jackie cooked my FAVORITE meal (chicken fettucini) for her fiance's birthday so i joined them for dinner! don't worry, my brother-in-law came too so i wasn't the 3rd wheel! jenny had to work so john and i joined jackie and brock to celebrate! saturday i got up early and headed to monroe. ran lots of errands, bought some new clothes (it's been a while and felt oh so good!), and then went to a crawfish boil to celebrate brock (and his twin brother's) and daniel (and his twin brother's) birthdays! jackie and brock better watch out - twins on both sides!! that was loads of fun and i was glad to catch up with laura and bj bryan! today, our sunday school class planned an afternoon at the park. i had such grand plans of this being a beautiful day but it didn't pan out like that. it was COLD. and, i'm still kinda new to this parenting thing so i didn't have a coat or hat for olivia. we'll probably be at the doc this week with an ear infection or something. i learned my lesson though - don't pack up the winter items until after april!! however, we had a great time with the demoss', dugdale's and hunt's! enjoy the few pics!

she's obviously unhappy about being cold!

again, upset with me!

georgia dugdale, murphy demoss and olivia (the hunt's hadn't arrived yet so mary laura missed out on the girl picture; maybe next time!)

olivia missed her SECOND easter egg hunt this year! rett was going to take her to the trinity egg hunt and to his credit he did try. i told him it started at 9:30; so he woke olivia from her nap, brought her to my house so i could see her in her stinking CUTE outfit and then headed up there. he called about 10-15 minutes later to tell me that it didn't start until 11. SORRY! so, he headed home to kill some time with the intent of taking her back. he called me about 11:30 and said it wasn't happening. he had to wake her up AGAIN and she was now in a terrible mood. had it been me, i'd have taken her anyway b/c i know how she acts in crowds and i know she would have turned on the charm. but, he didn't so she missed her second hunt of the season. maybe, just maybe, we'll make it to the hunt on good friday that we were invited to! we'll see! dang it, she's gonna wear this outfit i had made for her one way or another!

i don't have a lot planned this week; well, i don't have anything planned this week so we'll be taking it easy! looking forward to a long weekend coming up!

Monday, March 22, 2010

bit by the bug

it's NOT been a fun last few days. we all know that olivia was sick last week and we had to cancel our weekend plans. saturday went fine. stayed home all day and no major mishaps; just pretty boring! i had a not so friendly visit EARLY sunday morning from the stomach virus. yes, that's right, i got bit by the bug. lovely. how am i going to take care of my child and me??? at 5:30 am i called rett to come get her. (i called early b/c i needed someone here when she woke up.) you're not going to believe it. he had been bitten too. yes, he also had been up most of the night throwing up. great. what to do now? i waited until about 7 and called my mom. olivia was wide awake by 7:30 and i was NOT feeling well. i got up and gave her a bottle and then put her on the floor to hopefully not kill herself. by 9:15 she was acting pretty tired so i put her down for a nap (she hasn't taken a morning nap in WEEKS!) God smiled on me and she took a 3 hour nap!! she was still asleep when my mom got here and i went to bed and let olivia and her gg have full reign over the house. i got up this morning and gave o her bottle and then waited for rett to get here to dress her and fix her bottles for daycare. i just couldn't muster the strength to even do that. i was back in bed before he even closed the door behind him. honestly, i didn't start to feel "right" until about 5:30 this evening. i'm still scared to eat anything. so, i don't have many pics to post but here are some cute ones from before the bug bit me!
i stayed home with o on thursday b/c she was running fever. she still eats like a champ even when she's sick! the doc even commented on her "yellow" hands and nose. she loves carrots!

good morning - saturday. i kid you not. this is what she looked like sat morning. it's never been this bad!

i promise my next post will be positive and uplifting!

Friday, March 19, 2010


ugh. &*^%$#@&^!$*#!@^#&*$% that's my list of expletives.

i hate to be negative but i'm so tired of olivia getting sick! here we are again. a fabulous weekend planned only to be bit in the butt by a viral infection which we all know you can't give meds for. we just have to wait it out.

this started wednesday. olivia's father was taking her to the doc on my insistence b/c of a cough and congestion that had lingered just a little to long. he picked her up from daycare and she was fine. when they got to the doc she had a 102 fever. who knew? blood work was fine; flu and rsv negative; ears fine. that leaves a urine test. my poor baby girl had to have a catheter inserted to collect the urine. i'm told it wasn't pretty.

so, thursday she wakes up with 101 fever so i stay home with her. she's fine all day until about 5:30 when her fever spikes to 103. great. a call to the after hours clinic in monroe lands us there at 7pm. again, blood and ears look fine.

today. wakes up with fever so rett stays home with her. she slept all morning after her breakfast bottle. that can't be a good sign... a call to the doc about lunch lands us over there at 3 this afternoon. her urine test from wed was negative. blood today is fine, ears and all are fine. so, we have a viral infection. ugh. i HATE those two words. i want someone to tell me "this" is what she has and "this" is how you treat it! is that too much to ask???

so, our fabulous weekend plans have been pushed to the side to stay at home and nurse this fever. oh well, at least i'll get some quality time with my baby girl. and, hopefully, some laundry and a to-do list a mile long done!

i asked dr. khanfar "so, short of me quitting my job and staying home with her how can i keep her from getting sick once a month?" it was a rhetorical question and i knew the answer. it's not possible.

sorry, no pics tonight. i'm too tired to go get the camera card to upload them. i promise to post some at some point this weekend though they may just be of us in our pj's! i hope you all enjoy your weekend. my saving grace - the weather is suppose to be GROSS tmrw. i hope that doesn't mess up your plans!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy st. patty's day!

of course olivia had to wear her green today! i'll give credit where credit is due... her daddy bought her this outfit the other day. he brought it over when he was picking her up and was so proud of himself. said he saw it and just had to have it. i was planning on putting her in another green outfit but i really do like this one. so, happy st. patty's day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

10 months old!

i say it every month but WOW! i cannot believe olivia will be a year in just 2 short months. as of today she's crawling everywhere; pulling up; just barely starting to "cruise"; eating like a little pig (she gets that from her mama!); playing with everything; she understands "no" and doesn't like it; and so much more! just today a friend tried to hold her and she quickly turned towards me and "held on"! she did end up going to rachel but she just wasn't sure at first! she's becoming more vocal. she can definately say "dada" and "mama". she gives "sugar" by opening her mouth and putting it on your cheeck. soooo sweet! i'm sure there's some things i'm leaving out and i'm sorry for that! i've got so much going on these days. i like to stay busy! enjoy these sweet 10 month bday pictures - notice no sign. she just wanted to eat it so i took it out. i took these right after her bath so her hair was wet. notice the "cry" in the next to last picture - she thought i was leaving her for the night and she was not happy about it! stay tuned for a post this weekend - we've got lots of fun stuff planned!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

weekend recap

this post is going to be sooo random and boring. just skip the reading and enjoy the pictures!
nothing too exhilerating but fun nonetheless! (i really have no idea if i spelled most of that sentence correctly...) if you really care you can read about friday below. saturday we had lunch at sundown and then went to a baby shower for my friend valerie. soon, olivia will have a girl to play with! all these boys my friends keep having are to much!

i was feeding her puffs and yogurt melts and looked over and she had yogurt melts on her nose!

today we took a trip to walmart. this may not be a big deal but this was only olivia's 3rd time there. now that she's sitting in the buggy instead of her carseat she's a much happier camper! then, outside for more pics! this is my new thing. go sit in the front yard and take pictures. i'm not sure why i do that. but, it's fun for me to yell at olivia while the neighbors stare at me! i'm trying to practice with the big camera but i figure if i don't start going somewhere else then i'll only know how to take pics in the front yard! maybe one day soon the grass will be green again...and just for fun; bedhead olivia. people tell me all the time how great it must be to have a baby with hair. well, at least they don't have to deal with the bedhead! you can actually see it in most of her pics. she sleeps with her left side down so that side is always fuzzy/sticking out!

thanks, julie, for the great shirt!

Friday, March 5, 2010

beautiful weather!

it's about time! today was so pretty. i picked olivia up from daycare and headed to monroe. we went to hobby lobby and got the necessary items to make her birthday party invitations (is it already that close? not really, but jackie's helping me make them and she's busy with wedding stuff so we're getting started early!) and then went to target to play, b/c i love target! when we got home it was still warm enough outside so we went out for some pictures. i just LOVE this jumper i asked rett to dress her in today. i've decided that i spend too much money on her clothes to only wear them 2 times each so she's gonna start wearing these cute clothes! enjoy the pics!