Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quick funny

First, this morning she asked to take mrs. Brooksie a chocolate Santa. I agreed bc in o's words, "she will LOVE this." and tonight I get home and check instagram and see this.

They are learning the letter N this week and today they were supposed to make fruit loop necklaces. I get this picture and text abt 10:30 this morning.

The text went onto say that o told mrs. Brooksie about us being out of milk bc it was bad (expired/out of date) and that I hadn't gone to the store to get more. Sadly, this is all true. Who knew she'd go to school and tell all my secrets!

And bc I'm here I might as well document our week thus far. Nothing too exciting except shelley had her baby! Lake was born Monday morning and is just precious.

While I was at the hospital gg and pops entertained o. They went to toys r us where o picked out a Barbie caboodle. She calls it a box and gets mad when I correct her. She'll learn. Then they went to magic grill and orange leaf.

In other news this week... I just love her.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Perfect weather!

For January we had some pretty AWESOME weather this weekend!

Saturday we had a girly morning running errands.

Had to stop and make a wish....

Sunday after church we had some park time. On Saturday John told o he'd go ride his bike with her at the park. Well time got away from us and we didn't go. So Sunday SHE called him and asked him to join her for a bike ride. It was so fun watching those two!

She'll get going and then slam on the breaks and announce she was just going way too fast! I try to assure her she's not going too fast but she doesn't believe me. We'll keep practicing!

This is when she stopped, got out her cell phone and told us she was texting Brett Bell. We were laughing so hard!!

And so Jenny doesn't get left out!

Nice photobomb there.....

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Phone dump.

We've been so low key lately. I like it!

Being silly before school.

For real. She had Brett bell put her socks and shoes on her. And the poor boy was nice enough to oblige her. This girl is something else.

GG took her shopping for new lip gloss and nail polish.

Waiting on the boy to come take us on a date!

But then we had an icee incident so we had to change. He took us for sushi. O's first REAL sushi. She said she didn't like it. So we'll keep trying!

Putting on her lip gloss before school. Without a mirror. Remind yourself, she's 3. Going on 16.

A rare treat. After school / before dance snack. The girl thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red face drama

Monday night o complained of a tummy ache. She didn't eat much dinner but otherwise acted fine. Tuesday morning she ate an entire bowl of oatmeal but laid on the floor saying her tummy hurt. Well, we don't stay home for a random complaint so off to school we went. She was pretty pathetic so I told Brooksie to give it an hour and if she didn't perk up to call me. I got a picture text abt 20 min later and clearly she had been playing me. She was fine! That afternoon she had an accident after nap. #2. That has never happened. Chalked it up to a fluke. When I picked her up I noticed she had some redness on her face but thought she just must have been laying on it. Once home it was clear she was having some tummy issues. I gave her some pepto and a little while later noticed her face again. It was red! And she hadn't been laying on it.

After discussing with jenny and a few others I dosed with benedryl, another dose of pepto and off to bed. Woke up today and she was fine! Face only slightly pink (not noticeable except I was looking for it) and NO tummy issues! It's kinda crazy. There is a viral infection called fifths disease that results in a red face. Could have been that. Could have been a fluke. Could be something else that will show up later. Who knows?!? But I'm glad it was short lived!

And major props to the boy for getting off work at 7 this morning, running his errands and then coming to Ruston to keep o so I could go to work after lunch. By the time he got home tonight he'd been up over 24 hours. We are a lucky couple of girls to have a boy that will do that! He deserves a cookie! Or a bag of cookies! And ice cream!! :)

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Jackie's 31st

We had a family dinner last Friday for Jackie's bday.

O looked thrilled to sit with everyone but me! Go figure. I birthed her so I guess I'm just chopped liver.

Brock gave her "tattoos" on her hands. She loved the hearts he drew! :)

Matt, dad, jenny and brock were also there! Promise! Happy bday jackie!

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Instagram dump

I'm not sure I've ever gone this long without blogging. But we've really not been doing anything!

O's dad is getting married this coming weekend so we've been playing "wedding" A LOT lately. She seems to understand... As much as a 3 year old can. And she says she's happy about it. So I'm glad she's not afraid or hasn't had too many questions.

Before church last week.

Everything must be drunk (drank??) out of her princess mug.....

Playing in the rain and cold!

Watching miss America!

School days...

That catches you up on our lives! Maybe things will pick up and my blogging will become more exciting!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new year!

We had an awesome new years eve. We stared saturday night with a little NYE party with O's best friends (and mine too!) Hudson and Reynolds came over and we played, ate cookies and did sparklers!

On Sunday Matt and I took o to the movies, took down the rest of the Christmas decor and did sparklers again!

Little old lady... Gloves, purse and red shoes!

Monday morning o went to her dads and I went to work. Boo! Last morning photo of 2012. Pj's and boots!

We celebrated NYE in Shreveport with my best friends. We had dinner at Ernest's. I've never heard anything bad about this place and was excited to go. I wish we could have ordered from the menu but the set meal was really good. And the company was even better!

After dinner we headed downtown to meet up with Matt's friends. Whew, I am old! Was yawning at 11:15 but I made it to ring in the new year!

2012 was really good to us. No complaints here! But I'm SUPER excited to see what 2013 has in store for us!

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