Monday, April 30, 2012

Memphis wedding

I took off work a little early Friday so we could head to Memphis for Rachel's wedding. We stopped in Madison outside of Jackson for dinner. Our original plan was mcallisters but when we couldn't find it I made the decision to go on into town. We found this little sandwich shop on main street. The food was ok. But sitting outside under an umbrella watching kids run was the best part! I LOVE skipping out on chains and finding places i've never been to. We finally made it into town abt 10 and met some of the wedding party for drinks. The wedding was at 3 Saturday and was within walking distance from the hotel so we went for lunch/drinks before at this little diner, westy's. It was delish and I will go back to get dessert. It looked amazing!

Rachel looked so pretty and I'm so happy for her and bob. The wedding was perfect!

After the reception we headed to eat and to silky o's. Called it a night before midnight bc I'm old!!

Tonight we went to eat at Jenny's. O loves John. She mowed the grass with him and then helped him pull weeds!

He went outside without her and she quickly let us know that she was going with him and took off running! Lol!!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Check-up 2012

Today we went for o's annual cardiologist appt. but first we had some girl time at lunch. Sushi!

O was not thrilled abt going to the dr. I tried to prepare her but in her little mind all drs give shots. No echo done today; going to wait until next year when hopefully she's a little more cooperative. Apparently after 2-3 echos (I can't remember how many we've done) dr king still hasn't been able to see two certain arteries. He needs to see those just to make sure they are ok. We discussed her lung issues and the fact that I noticed a few weeks back that she tires more quickly than her friends and appears to be out of breath before other kids her age. Not a huge deal but when she does start playing organized sports we may go back to the pulminologist to figure out a remedy. Could be as simple as an asthma type treatment before activity to help open up the lung. We were given a copy of her EKG from today and told to keep it. If she ever ends up in an ER they will need that as her baseline bc it's not a normal heart EKG. Of course this is a worst case scenario and most likely isn't an issue. But better to be safe than sorry! It was also confirmed that even though Olivia will not have a full biological sibling, if I ever have other children I'll have a fetal echo bc the odds of another child with heart defects is higher since i have one child with a defect. I think he said its about a 12% chance.

Reading to us while waiting. I LOVE to listen to her read. She starts ALL books with "once upon a time".

She also loves this frog that lives in the hallway at dr king's office.

For her post appt treat we got yogurt. Whether she deserved it or not is questionable but mama deserved it!

So she's still perfectly healthy. Nothing crazy. We just love dr king and cannot say enough good things about him.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great weekend

Saturday o attended her first crawfish boil with Jackie and Brock. From all accounts she had a blast.

While she was living the good life I was at landry's vineyard in west Monroe with friends. We were celebrating shelley and chad's anniversary. Sadly I have no pics of Shelley or chad!

Ran into Melissa Kiper as we were leaving!

The boy came over today and we took o to LPP for a picnic lunch and play time. She is an expert duck feeder. I think those ducks are the best fed in the south!

The piers were taken and the grass was wet so we took the boat ramp!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sharing, shoes and scavaging

Tuesday morning o wanted cookies for breakfast. I do sometimes draw the line. So we compromised and I let her take them to school to share at snack time. She was thrilled to do this. Made me happy that she is so giving with her favorite foods. She told me what color all of her friends were going to get!

She's on a shoe kick. Poor thing has the wrong mama for this. I am NOT a shoe person! A friend gave us several pairs of hand-me-down shoes. They are all too big right now. That doesn't stop her from playing in them! The Barbie boots and sparkly slip-ons are her fav! She puts them on and asks me to take her picture!

Last night I gave her a little debbie snack cake for dessert. She ate half and threw it away. A little while later she asked for her cake back. It was almost time for bed and it was in the trash so i told her no. About 10 min later she walked into the living room clearly eating cake. I asked her where she got it. She very shyly told me the trash can! OMG. I couldn't even get on to her bc I was laughing so hard. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures!

And random for documentation. They planted plants at school this week. I'm thrilled she's learning and doing so much.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday parties and Spring game 2012

After put put golf one would think the weekend couldn't get much better. Wrong! Saturday started with 2 birthday parties. Brett Bell turned 3 and Amelia Costanza turned 2! O loves her some Brett bell. Sadly he's been moved up to the next class now. His party was at Trinity. O always has fun at those parties bc she's familiar with the area/toys.

Jumping with Brett and Brice Canterbury.

And the sole reason I think she goes to parties! Ha!

We stayed there for 45 min and then headed to Amelia's party at her house. Val had the right idea. Throw the kids in the backyard and set up some lawn chairs on the deck! My how I wish I had some shade in my backyard so I could do the same!!

From there we went to the spring game tailgate. Jackie, Brock and Matt met us there. O demolished a hotdog and then her dad picked her up.

We proceeded on to the game.

This is where the photos end. Me, the boy and missy went for crawfish after the game at ponchatoulas, then we walked to sundown, then to portico for dinner and then (and I kid you not) back to sundown to end the night. It was a long day! But it was fun!

Sunday afternoon we played outside for a little bit. She's such a diva! And is outgrowing her sandbox!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Date night

We had dinner plans last night but nothing else planned. A patient had given the boy a Copeland's gift card so I told him I could help him use it! Ha! I mean who doesn't love that fried bow tie pasta?!? He HATES pictures and only obliges my request every so often so there are no pics from dinner. But hey. If my picture taking obsession is the only thing that bothers him I can live with that! After dinner I suggested a trip to target or the mall. He suggested an electronics store. Neither of us needed anything; we were just bored. So we compromised on put put golf! What a fun little spontaneous date!

Earlier this week I went to brew haha at the Dixie with a group of friends. While not nearly as funny as last year I did enjoy myself.

And bc she's the one you come here to see. We love playing I the backyard with this wonderful weather we've been having!!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

What a weekend! Our long holiday weekend started on Good Friday with shopping and lunch with Jackie and missy. Then a movie date with Ella Clair and Carter Love. The lorax was a cute movie with a good message but I'm positive it was over o's head.

Saturday we headed to w'boro to be with the fam. We hunted eggs.

Dyed eggs.

Opened presents from cool cousins.

Ate, played, got extremely dirty and played some more. After no nap and then staying up until 10 pm the Easter bunny needed a certain little girl to go to bed!

Sunday started with more presents.

Then on to church. This was o's first time in big church and she did really well. But I am so thankful for the nursery bc we're not ready for big church on a full time basis yet! Her expression sums up her morning. She was TIRED and it was a long morning for all of us!

But I got some confirmation that im doing some things right-on our potty break during the service she asked me if this is where baby Jesus lived. I confirmed that we were in fact in baby jesus' dad's house and she just nodded her head like she understood. Then she saw the nursery next to the bathroom and asked if those were baby Jesus' toys! Ha!

She chose a pb&j for lunch.

I left her in w'boro to spend another night bc she loves it there so much. Although I do feel bad bc she was in such a foul mood this morning! Hopefully she's in a better mood after over a 3 hour nap! I met a friend for crawfish in Monroe on my way home and they were delish!

Happy Easter to all!
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