Monday, March 28, 2011

what am i going to do with her???

my child is a mess! both literally and figuratively. on both sat and sun mornings this past weekend she destroyed my bathroom while i was in the shower. seriously, she opened the childproof cabinet, pulled everything out and dumped out all boxes/totes. got my makeup bag, unzipped it and dumped it out. she may have played in some of the makeup. i made a big deal of telling her she made a big mess and made her help me clean it up. this morning when i was putting on my makeup she didn't do her normal routine. she usually (every day) stands right by me digging in my bag and playing with my makeup. today she wasn't interested. i'd obviously slept good and forgotten about the mess the past two mornings b/c it never dawned on me that she could be in the bathroom making another mess. when i finished my makeup i walked into the bathroom and saw the aforementioned mess only this time a bottle of tilex had been opened and dumped out. it startled me b/c obviously injestion of tilex could be deadly so i yelled, "what did you do?" (or something along those lines.) she stood up really quick and yelled back, "mess!!" i swear she said it with as much intensity as me when i asked. it was almost like she was proud of herself! i don't know how she managed to keep herself clean but not a drop was on her thank goodness; she was wearing a brand new outfit!

so...we get home after work and walk to the bathroom to clean up and she stopped in the hallway, looked into the bathroom and said, "mess!" once again, she was correct. i couldn't help but laugh. she's really cute when she says it! so i got her out of the bathroom to mop up the dried tilex and a few minutes later heard a funny noise. i walked into the kitchen and she was eating a bag of croutons that i'd thrown away at lunch. yes, she got them out of the trash. gross! who does that?!?! she immediately knew she messed up b/c she spit out what was in her mouth. even more gross! aaahhh! so then we had to clean that up. i'm really tired of cleaning up after her!

but the fact that i just laughed out loud while typing this entire post says something. i don't ever want to clean tilex up again but i wouldn't trade hearing her yell "mess!" for the world! she's precious. even when i'm trying to decide what to do with her. love her!

and she got her very first cup of yogurt with sprinkles and marshmellows on sat. courtney came to town and we went shopping and to twisted cow. wow. they have some topping options! it's like topping heaven!

Friday, March 25, 2011

just hangin' with my PEEPS!

after a fab dinner with friends and kiddos tonight (i'm sorry for the mess log cabin but your waitress was rewarded handsomly; i've never left a 50% tip before!) o and i came home and i decided she needed a treat for behaving really well at the restaurant (well, as well as an almost 2 year old can behave!) jackie had given me these peeps with chocolate bottoms on wednesday and i'd saved them for o. olivia seriously enjoyed them!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

da bobo & a funny story

"da bobo" is a spot on o's hand she got this past saturday at the kd shamrock event. i took her just to go watch the 5k and to see all of her sitters that she loves! (and they pretty much toted her around so i didn't have to "parent" all that much and that is sometimes nice!) she was running down the road and tripped and got "da bobo" but i didn't notice it right away. so she has "da bobo" and loves to talk about it. i wish i had a pic to share. maybe i'll do that tmrw. i really just wanted to document "da bobo" b/c it's quite possibly the cutest thing i've ever heard her say. here's to her first "da bobo". :)

also, while at shamrock a man had just finished the race and was kind of bent over resting his hands on his knees and o got away from me or whomever was watching her and nearly tackled him by grabbing/wrapping around his butt and groin area. i was SO embarrassed! i grabbed her real quick and explained that she didn't know that man and shouldn't "hug" men she doesn't know. the man (who was probably more of a boy) was slightly embarrassed too but the other people with him laughed pretty good about it. gee. kids. what will she do next???

i'm calling auntie jen jen (pronounced "aunt-ie" b/c she hates it so) out b/c she STILL hasn't emailed me the pics from shamrock. if you're reading this i hope you are ashamed!! it's your fault this day didn't get blogged about!

Monday, March 21, 2011

last week...

...was pretty uneventful. let me catch you up!

last sunday i let o eat at the table b/c i was too lazy after breakfast to clean her highchair. obviously she's not quite tall enough.
i think this was tuesday. she now insists on eating all meals on the floor. this is my fault. several weeks ago i started letting her have her snack on the floor. i didn't have the foresight to see that this would turn into an every meal kind of deal. notice how she's laying down. she won't sit and eat. she lays down! it's really funny!
this was wednesday. everyday when i get o out of the car after work she FIGHTS to get back in. i don't have a clue why. on this day i let her do it b/c i didn't want to fight. she had a blast playing in the car. you moms looking for a new activity...try this!
yesterday, sunday, i went with my dad to the lady techster/rutgers game in s'port. this was the 1st round of the ncaa tournament. it was suppose to be a good game. it wasn't. but we had a good time. i forgot my camera so i jacked this off of facebook. it was adrianne johnson's last game as a techster. we certainly wish her well and lots of future success!

photo by tom morris - latech sports pix (i've bought several of this photographers photos and they are really good if you're in the market for some tech sports photos...)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st. pat's!!

hope you find your pot of gold!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

finally, some new pics!

i've been slacking in the photo dept lately but honestly we've not done anything real exciting in about 2 weeks so... you've seen these a hundred times, playing in the backyard, but she loves it so much i can't help it!
we now swing in the "big girl" swings. i guess we're almost 2 going on 7. :)
i kind of wish there wasn't a ladder and grill in the background of this pic; i really like it! shortly after this was taken i realized she was actually on the table so she got in trouble. whoops!
i have no idea where this plastic softball came from. it was a toy of oscar and hootie's (i don't know where they got it) and now o loves it. maybe it's time to invest in some new outdoor balls.
after nap today (rant time: my child hasn't napped more than an hour in several weeks. and i want her to sleep for at least 1.5 hours. is that asking too much? well, i had to get a sitter today b/c i had a lunch meeting and wouldn't you know she slept for almost 2 hours! why can't she do that when i'm home with her so i can get some stuff done???) we went to monroe to return a few things and to look for fabric for some chairs i'm recovering. o was pretty hyped up so by the end of our fabric store experience i was starting to get some looks. she wasn't bad, persay, just hyper. very hyper. and she doesn't quite understand what an inside voice is. but her squeal is pretty cute! anyway, i bent down to have a chat with her and knew she needed to be changed. right then jackie said she'd take her outside while i finished my purchase. i handed her the keys and said she needed to be changed. jackie is SUCH A GREAT AUNT that she informed me she was not doing that! so i rap it up in the store and go out to change her and lo and behold...well, let's just say we had to come on home with no pants on. yep. our monroe trip was cut short but at least i got my 1st goal accomplished and did find some fabric (1/2 off so i'm recovering 6 chairs for under $30!!) i'll do a before and after post later when i'm done.

the weather has been AWESOME lately so expect a good post tmrw night if olivia cooporates...

Saturday, March 5, 2011


well, we ended up at dr. khanfar's office this morning. after cancelling this past wednesday's appt o never really made any progress in getting better. just stayed the same. last night rett said she was up until almost 11 just coughing and all around not acting right. so off we go this morning to the saturday clinic. of course i'm expecting the rsv test to be positive and it wasn't! it was negative! my exact words to khanfar were, "for real?" (i should have had the foresight to come up with something better than that but oh well! he was probably thinking, "this poor hick woman!") we've NEVER had a negative rsv test so i wasn't prepared for that. he checked her ears and then said her left ear is VERY infected. like it's blistered. and will probably rupture. i just looked at him in shock. he asked if she'd been cranky and i said no (she really hasn't but that explains why she had a tough time going to sleep last night.) i swear, my child... this is only her 3rd ear infection and the other 2 have both come on the heels of rsv (which is common) and she's NEVER given me ANY indication that her ears were hurting. i don't know if a high pain tolerance is a good or bad thing! so she got a rochepin and decadron shot and an antibiotic. oh, she also has broncholitis (whatever that is) which explains the cough/wheezing.

so, should i have waited a week to go to the dr? probably not. but you can't fix what you don't know is there so i'm not beating myself up about it. will it happen again? probably. i can't run to the dr every time she coughs funny. i'm going to try the breathing treatments first b/c her history tells me to do that. now, if she has other symptoms then yes going to the dr is called for. i hate it if she's been in pain for a few days; no one wants their baby in pain. but i guess it wasn't all that painful b/c she's been her normal self this whole past week! i take comfort in that!! :)

and for all of you reading this that have never experienced a ruptured ear - dr. khanfar assured me there is no need to go to the ER or to an after hours clinic. he said if it happens this weekend just to call him monday morning. all the ER or anyone else will tell you to do is to continue the antibiotic. i'm so glad he told me that! Lord knows i would have gone to the ER if i see blood/puss coming out of her ear!! he saved me a minimum of $500 (our ER deductible!) thank you dr. khanfar! he also assured me that it rupturing would provide immediate relief. so i guess that's kind of a good thing.

now, i promise my next post will include cute pics of my sweet olivia!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

round 5

just for documentation purposes b/c it really is the same old story. woke up monday mornng wheezing. i sef-diagnosed rsv. cough appeared monday afternoon. still wheezing and coughing today. dr. appt for 9:30 tmrw morning if no marked improvement. i'm thinking we'll go to the appt regardless b/c i want to know WHY this keeps happening. really, 3 times? is this necessary? is there an underlying issue causing the relapses? what can i do to prevent this? are we treating as aggressively as possible?

i'm tired of this!

edit: she woke up better this morning so i cancelled the dr appt. she's still coughing but no more wheezing. got the ok to go back to daycare tmrw. so it appears as though this was a mild case of it, thank the Lord! we'll continue the breathing treatments until she's completely over it but it looks like we're in the clear. thanks for the prayers!