Saturday, October 31, 2009

a very spooky night!

happy halloween! this year olivia chose to be a goldfish. she told me that's what she wanted to be so that's what she was! i'm really just posting pics of today. she wore her halloween dress aunt jackie made and got lots of compliments! aunt jackie also made her trick-or-treat basket. she's so crafty!

Monday, October 26, 2009

4 posts in 3 days...

what am i thinking? i never post this much!

yesterday before church i decided to take some picutures. you know, because olivia is now wearing a BOW. now, we only wear them on weekends b/c it's too much trouble and i know the daycare wouldn't be diligent at putting it back in every time it fell out. so, here's our baby girl - growing up!

really good giveaway!

the fancy fritter is having a great giveaway! you could win your very own apron!

here's the link!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

busy saturday

we've had quite an eventful day! this morning we got up and went to lincoln parish park. they were having a mountain bike race that rett wanted to watch, so we did. it was more fun than i thought it'd be! but first, olivia needed a hat. i knew it was going to get cold this weekend so i had to find one asap. i ordered one off etsy but of course i couldn't get it pronto so i went to walmart to get one to buy us a few days. all of the baby hats were ugly with "themes". i don't do themes, especially disney themes. so, i bought a toddler hat. it's a little big but oh so cute!after the park we went to lindsey and michael pippen's house to watch the tech game. the game could have turned out better (we lost by 2) but we had a great time and olivia looked precious in her tutu!
my friend rachel is having a give away over on her blog! she operates the peek-a-bootique. (in case the link doesn't work her blog is check out her stuff and leave a comment to win! here's a pic of the canvases she did for olivia. i love them!

Friday, October 23, 2009

happy fall!

all pics by crystal garcia -

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Friday, October 16, 2009

5 months old!

olivia was 5 months old yesterday! she's getting so big. she has just started reaching for things and holding some toys. she has taken a very special interest in the lion toy that's been on her carseat since birth. she grabs his foot and chews on it and then "talks" to it! it's so cute!and, look who is now, finally, wearing a bow! i have to go buy more now that she can wear them!
here's a shot of her "holding" a toy!
the doctor told us to start baby food when she was 3 months old. so, we did. we've tried green beans for the past two nights. she HATES them! she makes these choking and gagging noises and these faces that i've never seen before. and she spits every bite back out! so, tonight we're trying sweet potatos. she must get it from her mommy - i hate green beans too! we've video taped the past two nights b/c it really is funny. i'll post them soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

lots to talk about!

since my last post on sept. 20 we've been pretty busy! here's a glimpse of what we've been doing in photos, in no particular order.

olivia got a new towel - she's a fish!
we had a baby shower for sarah! here are the hostesses and the prego.
we went to the "red out game" - tech vs hawaii. we won on national tv!
olivia wore her red to daycare that day to support the dawgs!
olivia was having a bad and and wanted to be held. i had to go grocery shopping and rett was cooking so this was the solution. it worked!
a group of us hosted lindsey a baby shower! here is lindsey with the hostess (and bobbie, he decided it'd be fun to hop in our picture). we had a great time! olivia loves her rice cereal! while in mississippi we visited rett's grandmother again. she loves her great grandchildren! sorry the picture is blury!
rett, his grandmother and olivia.
i had my 10 year high school reunion. wow. am i really that old? here is our family shot while tailgating at the game that friday night.
and, probably most important, lindsey and bobbie had jack wesley! he was born this past thursday and is just beautiful! he has a head full of black hair!

hope you enjoyed the quick update!

Friday, October 9, 2009

show us your life - college football!

kelly over at kelly's korner is doing her "show us your life" this week on college football.

it's no surprise that my favorite team is LA TECH! just refer to these posts...

as i type this i'm watching tech on espn against nevada. it's not looking real good right now. hopefully it will get better.

go dawgs!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

book club!

i joined a book club with some other awesome girls and we had our first meeting tonight! it was really more of a social hour but we did pick our first 4 books! this month we're reading "the help". i've heard GREAT things about it so i can't wait to start reading!

is anyone else in a book club? what are you reading? got any good suggestions? i'm writing this like 1,000 people read this when in all actuality it's probably more like 4. oh well.

i've got lots to catch you up on (all 4 of you!) but right now it's late and i'm tired. since we got back from mississippi we've been super busy and i haven't even downloaded pics in over a week! olivia is GROWING so fast. i'll do a BIG catch up post this weekend!