Saturday, June 30, 2012

My baby is home!!

So today was all about her. I wouldn't call it spoiling her. More like a big welcome home!! :) we started at the farmers market and then on to hudson's birthday party. It was at the fire station and they learned all kinds of stuff!

Inside the ambulance.

Emery made a fire truck to play in. It was precious!

Releasing the balloons after the party!

Then we went swimming with Hudson, Reynolds, Ella Claire and carter. We stayed for about 3 hours and she's a little sun burned. Oops. Next time I'll reapply!

After a 2 hour nap we went for yogurt.

And then to cook park! At 8 pm it was still in the high 90s. Too hot!!

O loves to take pics. This one actually turned out!

And the two funnies for the day. While in the shower this morning o apparently went through my purse. When I got out she met me at the bathroom door and said, "I'm so pretty!" this is what I saw. She'd also been in the perfume... I need a nanny. :)

Then later today she got into my shoes.

Lipstick and wedges. I'm in for a wild ride come her teenage years, I'm afraid!!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

O's vacay with her daddy

He took her to Disney world. They left last Saturday and come back tmrw. I cannot wait to see my sweet girl. From what I've heard the trip started pretty rocky but has ended fairly well. As of today (their last day there) she'd stand next to a statue without freaking out. 3 is a little young for this trip in my opinion but to each their own!

She looks so big in this pic. Growing. Like. A. Weed.

I've filled my time without her by laying out and spending some quality time with the boy. But I miss my girl and want her home!!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dentists and cupcakes

It went well! Amanda is AMAZING with kids. She made o so comfortable in the chair.

First she showed o how the chair moved and then let her play with all the equipment.

After scraping with the metal thing o decided she'd had enough. So I left the room. From the waiting room I heard lots of screaming. Amanda compromised with her and instead of using the electric tooth brush they used a regular tooth brush at the sink. And then she got a few surprises.

And a certificate for no cavities. O made sure I had that when we got home today!

She had very little plaque build up that I'm shocked about bc I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best tooth brusher in town. :) hopefully she got my good teeth DNA.

After the appt I surprised o with lunch at Johnny's with her best friend, drew cramer. It's rare I'm in a position to take her to lunch with friends so I take advantage when I can.

And after work we visited the new cupcake shop in town. It was opening day. The cupcakes were spot on! And the mint lemonade was extremely refreshing. Look at the pink stripe straw! Cute! O had a strawberry cupcake and I had the red velvet and also a peach mini just to try. :)

And for personal records, today was her first day in the 3 year old class at Emmanuel. Mrs. Brooksie is really nice and o seems to like her. Hope this is a good fit!

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hillary’s baby sprinkle for sadie

i can’t wait to meet baby sadie.  it seems like every one i know is having babies right now.  that makes me happy.  maybe their kids will be old enough to babysit my second child!  b/c i’ll have that second child…one day!  :)  i digress.  since hill hauled off and got married and moved to arkansas we don’t see each other nearly as often as we used to.  but that’s ok.  it’s fun when we do!  sadie rose willieford will be here in late july / early august!

marion, me, shereeIMG_1607

all of us minus dewanna and marion.hill's shower 1 the hostesses and hillhill's shower 2 it’s always fun to catch up with friends and what better way to do that than a baby shower!

Monday, June 18, 2012

father’s day


we met at jackie’s for dinner to celebrate our dad!  love you, dad!  thanks jackie for cooking and getting everything together; once again.  :)

i’d also like to thank o’s dad for being a constant in her life.  she loves you.

and the boy.  thanks for being great with o.  she loves you too.  probably b/c you cater to her every whim.  that’s got to stop!  :)

we’re two lucky girls.

Beach trip!!

O and I had a fabulous vacation! We went with Janie McGehee and her daughter Millie Marie and her sister Jackie. And Shelley Hendrix and her daughter Avie. MM is abt to be 2 and Avie is abt to be 4. O is in between the 2. We beached it and swam and went out to eat... Great time!!

We arrived at the condo abt 5:30 on Tuesday and immediately put on our suits and headed out. When we got to the beach o yelled "SAND!!!"

And took off running!

We went in abt 7 and Jackie bathed the kids while we went and picked up dinner.

Wednesday morning we went to the beach then lunch then naps then swimming then dinner at lulu's! Side note-when going to the beach with kids that nap get a ground floor unit. They napped and we laid out by the pool no more than 10 yards from our back door. It couldn't have been planned better!

Riding a dolphin at a souvenir shop.

Thursday we swam all day long and then Jackie kept the kids so the three of us could have a night out.

Friday was our last day and we repeated day 1. Beach, lunch, swim, nap, swim, dinner.

Note to self. Straps are a good thing when u need a lift! :)

O ended up LOVING the ocean. I was so glad! She got tumbled over by a wave and came running up to my chair screaming "that's not yummy mama!!"

We came home Saturday. It was a great trip and hopefully we can do it again another time!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy birthday to the boy

He's going to kill me for this one. His birthday is tuesday but that is the day o and I leave for the beach so we celebrated last night. I took him to outback (his choice) and then I gave him his present.

Side note: I had never gotten a steak there for fear it would be bad. Last night I really wanted one so i got the filet. It was so good! Who knew?!?

Anyway, he hates birthdays and I believe in celebrating them. So we're working on finding that common ground where we're both happy. Maybe this is it for him. Dinner and call it a night.

He got a set of tech golf club head cover things. Yay!! Happy birthday old man!! ;)

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend fun

My blog titles are so blah. Anyway. Friday night o and I went on a date to Johnny's. I love our nights that it's just us and we have no time restrictions, no bedtimes and no meltdowns! I'm working on her shyness and making her do things out of her comfort zone. So that night I had her go to the counter by herself and ask for a to-go box. She made it up there but was whispering and the girl working couldn't understand her so I had to step in. But she tried so I praised her!

Saturday started early with swimming lessons. Stacy and I have had one heck of a time coordinating our schedules but we've managed to get all of the lessons piece-milled together! This year we're working on kicking and going under. Once her core muscles are better we'll progress to kicking on a board and once comfortable with her head under water for extended periods of time we'll introduce arms. This year I just wanted her to learn to stay afloat!

We went straight from there to drew's birthday party. Drew is o's best friend if you ask her! And I'm ok with that bc she's precious and comes from good people!

This pic just cracks me up!

Miss Alecia came to stay with o after nap and I went to a crawfish boil. The boy and his best friend do this every year. It was at this party last year that I asked him to be my date to Courtney's wedding just as friends. He wasn't introduced to the blog until abt 6 months later and not to facebook until last week. :)

We went to church this morning and when o wakes up we're headed to Monroe.

One work week and then we're headed back to the beach!!

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