Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what a week

well, since the last time i posted we've been pretty busy. last thursday night jackie and i went to the bulldog basketball game. the dawgs won! here is a pic of my co-worker, andy, shooting a half-court shot to win a year's worth of smoothies. he didn't make it but the other guy did!

friday night is mine and rett's date night. he works late pretty much every other night so we made a deal that fridays would be mine. we went to eat at wingstop (my choice!) and then attended the lady techster game (my choice, again!) since the techster head coach was "let go" the new interim head coach is former techster theresa weatherspoon. she's a legend around the tac so this game was a pretty big deal. here's a really blurry pic of her during her first coaching gig!saturday was valentine's day. normally rett and i don't celebrate this holiday. i think it's a little over-rated. why do we need a day to tell our loved ones that we love them? however, i do always buy rett a card and this year he got two. one from me and one from olivia! i awoke to the smell of bacon (my FAVORITE) around 8 sat morning. rett had gotten up and gone to the grocery store without me waking up. he cooked blueberry pancakes and bacon! YUM! i didn't take a pic of our breakfast but i wish i had. after breakfast we worked on the new office. the below pic is of the "built-ins" rett built for the new office. he built them and in this pic is in the process of painting them. i'll post an after pic once they are done. i did help with these... rett let me use his new nail gun. i'll admit, that was pretty fun! i also helped pull the wood through the saw. so, my sweat also went into this project. now, i'm still using the excuse the pregnant people can't paint b/c of the fumes. i'm sure rett is ready to put the paint brush down! only two rooms left after this one!sunday was a pretty big day for the hamby household. rett and i became bonified members of trinity umc. my parents and jackie came to church with us to watch. afterwards we came back to our house had had lunch. mom made a fabulous king ranch chicken casserole and garlic bread. she also brought a homemade pound cake. YUM. i didn't get any pics of us at the church although i had planned on it. maybe we can sneak in one night and do that! mom brought us our yearly valentines present. i got candy, a candle and a coffee mug. rett got homemade cookies. and olivia got her very first valentine's present. mom and dad brought her a bib and some tech booties. the bid is special...mamaw made it while she was pregnant with mom. so, i'll use it and then pass it down to jenny and jackie so they can use it. the booties are too cute! here are the pics!

yesterday (monday) was my monthly doc appt. everything was fine. olivia's heartrate was 128 (i think that's beats per minute). i go tomorrow for my sugar test. let's all pray that i pass that. i do not want to do the 3 hour test that comes if you fail this one! i go back in 3 weeks at which point we'll schedule my last ultrasound. after that appt (march 9, if anyone cares) i'll start going every two weeks. holy moly. every two weeks. i guess we're getting close to the end since i'll be going so often!

today mom was in ruston and picked up another little "happy" for olivia. it's a pink onsie that says "trend setter" on it. so cute! i haven't taken a pic b/c i'm too lazy to get up and do it. but trust me. sooo cute! mom and i went to dinner at my favorite mexican place tonight and now i'm home doing this. i'm pretty sure that catches you up on our week.

oh, one more pic. in my last post i wrote about how i prop my feet up at home. here's a pic. just thought it was funny!hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


we had a pretty fun weekend this past weekend. we slept late on saturday (seriously, like 11 AM - might as well do it while we can...) and then got ready to go to monroe. we had lunch at mcallisters, shopped at target, and then headed over to west monroe for tailgating before the mardi gras parade. i haven't been to monroe mardi gras since high school. a fun time was had by all. especially rett - he had A LOT of fun. so much so that i dropped him off at the dawg house when we got back to ruston so he could have more fun. thank you montana for bringing him home! here's a pic of us at the parade.
im 24 weeks 1 day in this pic. sunday we got up and went to sunday school and church. we've decided that we'll join Trinity UMC this sunday. my parents are coming to witness this. it's about time we found a church home here in the town we will raise our children in. we're really happy at trinity. we have joined a great sunday school class - all young couples - and look forward to finding our place there.

WARNING: if you do not like feet please do not read past here.

there's a little part of pregnancy that i wasn't prepared for. SWELLING. oh. my. gosh. since saturday my feet have been the size of my head. i swear. they are huge. see... (please excuse the half polished big toes. i haven't had them done since september so it's pretty much grown off! i plan to get them done soon since it looks like i'll be wearing flip flops for the remainder of this pregnancy - even though it is only february.)

this pic probably doesn't do them justice. i wish you could see them in person. ask rett. he called my toes vienna sausages. i didn't kill him because i have to agree. so, emery (my dear friend at work) had me convinced this was not normal so i called my doc. his response.... unfortunately there is a small percentage of women that swell badly and early during pregnancy. my next appt is monday the 16th so he said he'd look at them when i was there. no need to make a special trip up there. he and my sis (the nurse) think i should go by a pair of compression hose to wear. i know i should but those things are just UGLY. so, until i can get to wal-mart to buy these hose i come home every night after work and prop my feet up. i put my big exercise ball on the couch and lay down with my legs on the ball. the doc did tell me that to reduce the swelling they have to be above my heart. i didn't know that. no wonder only "propping" them wasn't working! they have to be HIGH! so, you've all seen my HUGE feet now. feel free to make ugly comments. i'm used to it.

i used to have such pretty feet. nice ankles with nice ankle bones. very pronounced ankles. kankles can't even describe these things!

in just a few days my pregnancy ticker will be in the double digits. holy cow. i'm so not prepared for olivia yet. my fabulous husband is building some built-ins in the new office. once that's done we can move the office into that room and then paint the former office to be the new guest room. once that room is done we can then start working on the nursery. i really hope things start to come together quickly. we're slowly running out of time! it doesn't help that we are now in the thick of tax season and rett has to work late hours. it's pretty hard to work when you don't get home until almost 9 pm. and, he also has to work at least some on weekends. when are we suppose to get all of this done??? lord knows i can't build anything and preg people can't paint either. so, i'm pretty worthless in this dept right now!

have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my husband, cpa!

about 9:15 this morning my husband emailed me asking what i was doing. i'm kind of a smart-ass so i replied that i was working. where else would i be during business hours answering my work email??? he then infomed me i needed to look at his email signature. well, i had already deleted his emails so i had no clue what he was referring to. he had to call me and tell me that he got word that his cpa application had been accepted and he was now a state licensed certified public accountant! we are both so happy that this chapter in our lives is finally over! all the studying and test taking finally paid off! to celebrate this i cooked dinner and served it on our china. this may not seem like a big deal to all of you. but, we've been married for 4 1/2 years and we've never used our china. rett keeps declaring that we don't need it and that i should SELL it. he really has no clue. i keep reminding him that one day we'll host a family holiday and use it then. until then, it stays in storage. well, to surprise him, i dug it out tonight and served dinner on it. i took pics to remember this night by. enjoy!

this is our office and all of the junk in front of the closet that houses our china. i had to get through this to get to the china... our office is normally not like this. we're in the process of cleaning out and reorganizing so things are kind of messy right now.

see the bottom silver box? you guessed it. that's the box with our china in it.

finally got to the china and here is a pic of it! now, i never could get to our crystal so we drank our of our everyday glasses. and, i have no idea how to take care of silver to we used our everyday forks. if you're wondering why we eat on an outside table there is a story behind it. this table belonged to my mom's parents. it was their "breakfast" table for as long as i can remember. jenny and i got it in college and the mom and mamaw repainted it and recovered the cushions. so, this is now the table that rett and i eat on. it fits our space well. when we need a "real" table we'll go buy one!

i got a gas grill for christmas b/c i knew i could use it! this was my time to prove it. here i am lighting the grill. (i've never claimed to be a good self-portrait taker.)

we didn't have much at the house to grill so i worked with what i had. good thing rett loves HOT DOGS! i on the other hand i HATE hot dogs. so, i had chili dogs (hot dog with chili - no weenie).

rett finally gets home and is so excited that we are finally using our china!

and then we finally ate! he told me it was the best hot dog he'd ever eaten, but i'm not sure i believe him. regardless, we ate and had a lovely dinner. now, i know my plate looks like A LOT of food. let me state for the record that i did not eat all of this. ended up throwing half of it away. it didn't really hit the "oh so good" spot on my taste buds.

and that was how we celebrated the good news!

no new olivia jane news. i've felt her kicking all day today so that's fun. according to my book olivia is now about 8 inches long and just over 1 pound. getting bigger!

sorry this post was so long. not sure if i'll ever post with this many pics again. it's taken me forever to get them all downloaded!

Monday, February 2, 2009

cardinals came close; 23 weeks is here

as promised here are my pics. we took these yesterday at 23 weeks 2 days pregnant. growing like a weed... i was beginning to wonder why i wasn't feeling olivia move around in my tummy... well, i'm glad to say that i finally started feeling her this weekend! she is kicking away! i found out that a glass of sweet tea will make her squirm. it was the craziest feeling, but awesome!

more of a front view
a side view

can you tell i'm loving t-shirts and sweat pants. let me tell you about these pants. i got them for christmas. every year since i can remember my grandmother has bought christmas pj's for all of the grandchildren. well, mamaw passed away this past november (2 days before my bday) so we all assumed we wouldn't get new pj's this year. mom came through for us! however, i opened my box and saw a motherhood maternity box. at this point i had never been in that store but i was going on the assumption that they didn't sell pj's. and, my mom probably wouldn't have bought pj's knowing i'd only wear them for a few months. so, i slowly opened the box not knowing what to expect and saw these black cotten pants. OMG! they are the best pants ever. i wear them daily after work and also on weekends. to wal-mart, target, eating... they are fabulous. more comfy than any pj's i've ever owned. I LOVE THEM!
we went to monroe last night to watch the super bowl at my sister's (jackie's) boyfriends house. brock was so nice to have us over. i was cheering for the cardinals b/c i always cheer for the underdog if i don't have a dog in the fight. halftime came and i thought i'd have to hang it up. we headed back to ruston (to feed our dogs) and started cleaning the kitchen. rett called me into the living room a few minutes into the 4th quarter. we had ourselves a ballgame. needless to say i watched until the bitter end. glad i didn't have any money on this game! maybe next year my team will win!