Sunday, March 29, 2009

a week past due

i'm just now posting about last weekend (3/21)... sorry! it seems as though i have no time these days! for the past two weeks i've had something to do everyday after work. i guess i'm being prepared for having olivia! let's start with the 30 week official photo. this was taken last saturday (3/21) at 30 weeks 1 day.also that saturday i helped (along with some great friends and my mom) host a wedding shower for one of my best friends. we had it at the tech alumni center and it was really nice! rach said she enjoyed it and that's what counts! we had a lot of fun planning for it and actually doing it! here are a few pics of the set-up. if the other hostesses would be so kind to email me their pics i could post pics of actual people...that night rett and i went to ponchatoula's for our first crawfish of the season. they're still REALLY small but they had good flavor and that's what counts! on a side note, rett had some from jefferson corner this weekend and he said they were better...

last sunday, we got up and drove to the 'boro for church. the choir at the church i grew up in was singing something special for my dad so the whole fam went! then we had lunch at home and loaded up a "man chair" for rett! we brought back a recliner to go in "rett's room". he said he was putting a sign on it - no girls allowed! we took photos but i'll need mom and dad to email me those.

here are some pics of olivia's room "before". last weekend we got it cleaned out and ready for paint. tonight we actually, finally, got the first coat of paint up and i love it! once the second coat is up i'll post pics!

the wall with the window is the wall you see from the doorway. the crib is going on this wall. the dresser on the right is staying there and will also double as the changing table.

this is the left side of the room. the rocking chair came from my dad's parents house - they bought it when jenny and i were born to have a rocker at their house. i'm recovering it in the pink and green polka dot fabric you saw in an earlier post.

this weekend i went to the woodlands for a short visit with my grandmother & aunt (dad's mom and sisiter). after that, on friday afternoon, dad drove me to houston to meet up with some of my closest friends for rach's bachelorette party! i'll post on that sometime this week! sorry i don't have a 31 week photo but i promise i'll take a 32 week photo this coming weekend and post it next week! i think that's all for now...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

a few of olivia's favorite things!

as promised here are some new pics! first, the official 28 - 29 week photo. taken thursday night at 28 weeks 6 days.

now, on to olivia's favorite things!

here is her bedding. not the best photo but it will have to do. it's a pink/green paisley print on the outside of the bumper. green gingham on the inside. pink and white polka dot sheet and a green and white stripe skirt with the paisley trim. too cute!

my mom and i went to shreveport this morning and picked up the fabric for the rocking chair cushions and window coverings. the pink/green polka dot will be on the rocking chair with the matching cording. the solid green will be on the windows in a faux roman shade with the polka dot fabric accent. the middle pattern will be two accent pillows.

my mom was in town the day the bedding came in and had to go out and buy something. thanks GG (i still want to shorten this to G but whatever) for the diaper bag/overnight bag! it matches perfectly!
my mom and dad bought olivia's coming home outfit! thanks GG and Pops! (i'm assuming you still want to be called pops...) it didn't show up very well in the photo but the bib, bloomers and burp cloth all have a pink "O" on them. the dress has a pink ribbon going down the center between the buttons!a few of our favorite peeps have given us some great things for olivia. here's an assortment... props to meg martin moore for the tech baby blanket and merideth & montana boyd for the tech onsie and bib. olivia will be set for football season! thanks also to laura jones for the adorable hot pink picture frame. sorry i don't have a photo of that yet.
this weekend was the local consignment sale here in ruston. jackie and i went and picked up just a couple of things! seriously, i got these dresses for dirt cheap - one was only $5! i got more items but this is just a sampling...
that's all for now. i go for another ultrasound monday morning so i'll try to post pics of olivia...if they turn out ok! have a great week!

Friday, March 6, 2009


after about a 2 week hiatus i'm back! sorry for the delay. had a lot going on lately. let me catch you up. two weeks ago was my best friends engagement party. pics below.
me and the bride

i bought this dress b/c in the dressing room i thought it looked super cute. i get dressed that night and i still think i look super cute. however, i take pictures and i think the print is too big. i'm possibly the size of a barn in the photos... officially 26 weeks and 1 day in these pics; here's the official 26 week photo.

i feel like i'm gaining most of my weight in my face. is that normal? i've always had a somewhat chubby face but it's starting to get out of control! today i'm 28 weeks. i'll take the official photo this weekend and post it.

the nursery is coming along. the bedding is in. the lamp is in. the crib is being refinished as we speak. i'll take pics of what i have and post it this weekend. just need to clear out the room, paint and decorate!

me, mom and my friend courtney went to s'port last weekend and bought olivia's coming home outfit. so cute! i'll post pics later this weekend. also picked out the fabrics for the rocking chair and windows. again, pics will be posted later.

not just a whole lot going on over the past 2 - 3 weeks but still been busy. i promise not to take this long of a break again! check back later this weekend for lots more photos!