Wednesday, April 28, 2010

gearing up!!!

well, i've been BUSY lately but it's been fun! however, i won't lie, i'm kinda ready for it to be over.

first, JACKIE'S GETTING MARRIED SATURDAY!!! she's been living with me for almost 2 weeks b/c she sold her house (in anticipation of her pending nuptuals and move to monroe) and we've been having fun being "roomies" again.
then, OLIVIA'S FIRST BDAY PARTY IS ON THE 15TH!!! oh my gosh; she's gonna be a year old. it's so exciting and so sad at the same time! i've had lots of fun planning the party. details to come at a later date!

so, needless to say i've neglected the blog. planning a wedding, bday party, dealing with a divorce (and we're also moving olivia to a new daycare next week and that is a whole 'nother stress level...) all at once is enough to wear anyone out! i only have 2 or 3 new pics of olivia since my last post and that makes me sad. i have to do better about that.

as far as olivia goes... she's now "walking" holding onto our hands! that's SUPER exciting! she'll let go and stand in place for several seconds so walking has gotta be right around the corner. she pitched her first daycare fit the other day b/c mackenzie (the college girl in her room) told her "no" when she tried to open a cabinet door. really, there are so much worse things in life but i guess to an 11 month old that is the "be all, end all"!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

lots of pics!

we had a laidback weekend, just the way i like it! friday ended with spontanious trip to squire creek to visit some friends. olivia let david scott rainwater get to first base. i explained that they would not be allowed in any rooms together (alone) when they're older b/c i grew up with ds' daddy. i know how those rainwater's operate! (j/k! kind of...) here are the best pics i got. neither olivia nor ds was in the mood for pics. but aren't they cute!saturday was perfect park weather. cloudy and 75 degrees. can't beat not sweating! olivia loves to swing and i put her on the slide. she wasn't sure about that one!sunday we went to jackie's monroe shower. olivia learned how to "pitch a fit" this weekend and did it with such emotion. isn't she just a little young for that? i mean, a fall out in the floor screaming, fit. now, it may have been my fault b/c i KNOW she was tired but all i did was take a napkin away that she was trying to eat! i'm not the devil!
on a side note; guess who's sitting in a "big girl" car seat??? she's been this way for just over a week and she LOVES it! and i love it to b/c i get more interaction with her in the car. we're both happier people!
on another side note; why don't footie pj's come in 12 month sizes???? if they do, where? (and i don't want to spend an arm and a leg on them!) i had to break down and buy "big girl" pj's and they are too big, she can't crawl in them and i checked on her a few minutes ago and the pants had come off. now, i'm not stupid. i'm not gonna wake her to put them back on so i guess i'm just gonna worry all night that she's cold. what to do???
and, one more. i really liked this bubble so i wanted to post a pic! this is olivia's "baby book" so i'm trying to capture all of her cute outfits!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

11 months old!

once again... i can't believe it! i know i sound like a broken record. i always swore i wouldn't be one of "those" mothers. well, i've turned into "that" mother. i'm sorry. :) it just blows my mind that olivia will be a year old in exactly one month.

she is wearing all 12 month clothes now. not b/c they fit just real well but b/c it's hot outside and all the summer clothes we have are 12 months! as of last night she is officially on table food. i used all of my baby food last night so table food is a necessity now. i guess i need to start cooking! she still has no teeth. i guess we'll celebrate her first bday before she gets teeth! she had her first taste of liquor last weekend thanks to her gg. (i told mom not to feed her at jackie's shower. i walked through the kitchen and she was feeding her fruit. i said, "mom, i told you not to feed her." mom, "but it's just fruit." me, "but it's soaked in champagne!!!" soooo, that explains why she liked it so much! she also took a 3 hour nap that afternoon!) she's "cruising" along furniture. she'll let go and stand for about 2.5 seconds before falling. she took her second big fall this morning when she fell off my bed. she's talking all the time saying "dada", the occasional "mama" and very rarely "baba" (bottle). she's sleeping about 12 hours a night. it'd be AWESOME if i could keep her up past 6:30ish at night!! other than the occassional fussiness she's a great baby and i wouldn't trade her for the world!! we've been through a lot this year and we've come out so much stronger; both of us (she just doesn't know it yet)!!

happy 11 month bday, olivia!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

usborne books party!

i'm having an Usborne Books & More party on sat, april 24, at 10 am. if you have children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren; or just know some cute kids; please feel free to come! or, if you can't come to the party but really want to order some great books you can shop online at my e-show! how easy is that?!?! go to and click on my name (jessie hamby). from there you can order all sorts of fun books, puzzles, etc. or, call me b/c i have a catalog you can look at too! books always make great gifts! you can stock up and have birthday, christmas and easter covered!

a personal reference... i had never heard of usborne books until just recently (several months ago). i went to a party and fell in love! for olivia's age they have some GREAT books and "learning" cards such as first words, first animals, etc. they have awesome "touchy-feely" books and bathtime books. now, they have books for ALL ages; it's just that i'm only familiar with olivia's age. and, one of the selling points for me - they are sturdy. olivia chews on them and throws them around and they have stood the test of time (so far)! :)

let me know if you have any questions!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

more playing in the yard

i let olivia "roam" the other day - it was so pretty outside! she's really starting to move in the grass. i'm not sure if i mentioned on here or not, but we went through a little time where she would not move in the grass. she just sat there. i guess she didn't like the way it felt! but, we're over that! it's so hard to get her to look at the camera now. she's way to busy to take a picture!

ooo la la!

last night we had jackie's lingerie shower at my house. it was a lot of fun! we stayed up way to late and drank way to much but every once in a while that's ok, isn't it! :)
the invite from nat kat designs (with the correct info, of course!)
this was before all the food was put out but i wanted to document!

bra and panty cookies from socialbites - yummy!

jackie and laura

jodie, emily, missy, jenny

opening presents! she got lots of cute things!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

hippity, hoppity easter came and went!

what a great day! we started the morning with easter bunny gifts. olivia couldn't have been more disinterested...
then to church. this was before church.
then to jenny's for lunch with the fam...
then home for a much needed nap! olivia didn't nap at all today until about 2ish. she was DONE. we had a fun 1st easter!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

tech tulips!

one of my FAVORITE things in the world are the tech tulips. most of you that went to tech should remember the tulips. every spring the grounds crew worked their tales off planting and growing the tulips. they filled every bed around the lady of the mist. it was so pretty! jenny and i took a trip down memory lane today and went to tech to see the tulips. well, the grounds crew has either had a budget cut or they just got lazy. there's not nearly as many as there used to be and the beds needed to be "weeded" pretty bad but regardless we got some CUTE pics of olivia!and for fun: olivia's top 4 HATES at tech, in no particular order...
1)the tiled "state T" outside the student center

2)the front steps of keeny hall

3)the lady of the mist

4)the benches surrounding the lady of the mist

Friday, April 2, 2010

we finally made one!

we finally made it to an easter egg hunt! 3rd time's the charm! thanks rebecca for inviting us to temple's annual egg hunt. from what i hear this was the neal's 13th or 14th year to host this event. it was huge! they have jumpers for the kids; play equipment and, or course, eggs! olivia doesn't quite yet understand how to hunt eggs but she had a great time playing in the grass, with the eggs and most importantly with her friends!

this is suppose to be my header pic but the "shrink to fit" function isn't working properly!

i love it when she's pouty!

olivia's thinking "yeah, i know i'm cute" and hudson's thinking "whatever!" love both of their expressions! we had a hard time with the bow today; it was windy!

hudson wilkerson, drake purvis & olivia - this is the best i got!
after the egg hunt i got a much needed haircut and then olivia, jackie and i headed to shreveport for some much needed shopping! we had a great time and olivia did great. i'm disappointed i didn't take any pics on her first trip to the boardwalk but maybe next time!
i'm told the tulips have bloomed at tech so tomorrow we're heading up there for a little photo shoot. i'm more excited about this than olivia... :)