Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fall is here! finally!

LOVING this weather we've had this week. mid 50's in the mornings and mid 80's in the afternoons. this means i finally get to break out o's fall wardrobe! i've been building this season's wardrobe since july; just staring at the clothes longing for the day it would cool off so she could wear them. let me say a HUGE thank you to my SWEET friends that gave me lots of hand-me-downs. o may be naked if it weren't for you! :)

yesterday was kindermusik. o made massive breakthroughs there and fully participated in everything and also put up each item when it was time to put them up. it was so much fun watching her bang the drums, play with scarves, "make pancakes", etc...
she's home all week with sitters this week b/c we can't start with the new sitter until next week. it's fun having her home; i know she's getting tons of one on one time with people but man, sitters are expensive! today when i got home i took her outside to run around. she still loves being outside! notice all the pics are blury - it's b/c she won't stop long enough to take just 1 picture!

my mom kept her yesterday and sent me this pic. o loves to give sugar but it looks like she's trying to eat her!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

tech vs southern miss

well, we lost another one. but it was fun while it lasted! it RAINED the ENTIRE 4th quarter and of course i didn't have any rain gear but it was a 1 point ballgame and you don't leave a 1 point ballgame. you just don't. so, we stayed. we got SOAKED. we watched til the end (well, i can't lie. i watched until tech called their last timeout with 1:30 left on the clock.) the dawgs have got to get their acts together. we're struggling. i'm not sure what the problem is. do we have the wrong players (dooley recruited) for dyke's coaching? is our offensive cord. a moron (long pass on 3rd down, 2 yds to go in the rain and all we need is a field goal to win the game???) i'm not sure b/c i'm no expert but something's got to change. something.

anyway, we had a great time tailgating ALL DAY LONG. i got out there shortly after noon and it was another hot day. not nearly as bad as last week but still warm. jenny and john set up a tailgate this week. i'm labeling it the redneck tailgate. you'll see why. but, they were the only ones on the hill with a tv so i guess it's worth it! lots of people were stalking their tent to watch the games on tv during the day!
the antenna..

notice the rug. don't be surprised if you see a coffee table at the next home game... the major complaint was nowhere to prop your feet up! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

we've got a handful on our hands

my sweet, precious, beautiful child bit both me and rett today. he brought her over to pick up some clothes to take to his house and had just finished telling me that she bit him earlier. i asked if he bit her back and he said "no" b/c he didn't know if it was intentional. not 5 minutes later she bit me in the same spot she had bitten him. OH NO SHE DID NOT! i bit her back on the arm and you should have seen that lip come out. i reassured her that i loved her but in no way could she bite others. her feelings were hurt but maybe she got the point. then as rett was picking her up to leave and took something from her, she hit him. oh my word! what are we raising??? he didn't react so i did! she got a very stern "no, don't hit" and starting crying. so, again, rett reassured her that he loved her but that hitting was a no-no.

so, i beg you to give me some advice! any counseling degrees out there? why is she doing this? is it a stage or am i doing something wrong raising her? i'll admit she's probably a little (a lot) spoiled but i teach her right from wrong EVERYDAY! thoughts??? help!!!

good gosh i don't want "that" kid at daycare! how embarrassing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

touchdown and pizza

america's two favorite pasttimes! yesterday before church i taught o the touchdown signal. she picked it up really fast!
then for lunch after church we went to johnny's with friends. this was her first dining in experience at johnny's. she "ate it up". makes a mama proud.
and then, of course, we combined the two and had her "touchdowning" at johnny's. some lady just stared at us but i didn't care. it was cute!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

tech vs navy

what a fun day! we tailgated for several hours before the game and then sweated our butts off at the 1st half of the game. one day o will be able to make it through but this isn't the year. i'm also instituting a new game day rule. no kids unless it's 65 or cooler. it was miserable which is one of the reasons we left when we did. i think o could have lasted at least through the 3rd quarter but chasing her in 100% humidity is not my idea of fun. luckily the people sitting around us were gracious and understood. she wan't bad by any means but she was BUSY! she wore me out! enjoy the pics!
tailgating with hudson wilkerson
she will climb on anything.

clapping for the dawgs!

not champs biggest fan...

pops provided some entertainment

annual family pic

and i just got a text that we stunk it up in the 2nd half and lost the game. geez. will we win a game this year? it's probably best i wasn't there. i tend to yell inappropriate things when we aren't playing to the ability i think we should be... maybe o won't pick up my bad habits.

Friday, September 17, 2010

i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

i took o on our first date tonight. we went for ice cream! we had a ball! thanks, jenny, for coming with us and taking pics!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

16 months!

here we are again. another month gone by. nothing has really changed with o this month. just SUPER fun to be with! her speech still concerns me even though i know it shouldn't. she's not picked up any new words since my last monthly update. i guess the biggest change this month is that we took the paci away but you already knew that. :) i'm so glad we did it. we're now brushing her teeth with flouride free toothpaste; her bottom 2 teeth finally broke through but they are coming in "vertical" instead of "horizontal". does that make sense? they're coming in all sorts of wrong! i told rett we might as well start saving for braces! she's pretty much outgrown her 12 month clothes which makes it hard for me to dress her these days. i'm not buying anymore hot weather clothes so we'll just have to make due until it cools off!
this pic was taken yesterday before we left for kindermusik. i LOVE this dress. i got it at kool kids when i was still pregnant with o. i had it monogrammed and have been saving it ever since. i broke it out earlier this summer but it was way too big. now it's finally starting to fit and it's mid september! i'm thinking for fall i'll put a long sleeve shirt and leggings under it and still wear it. who cares if it's a white dress in the winter. she's a baby and can still do that!

she finally figured out how to go forward on her riding toy above. she's pretty slow but she knows how to do it!

Monday, September 13, 2010

i dealt with rush/bid night all weekend and o had a little fun with it as well!
she kept trying to go "across the lane". we'll have to have a chat about that when she's a little older. :)
then, tonight, i had to go up there and give the standards speech. this is always a touchy subject. "here's what you can/can't do and here's what i'll do to you if you screw up." there's a fine line between being nice and funny about it and also making them understand that you mean business. i was looking at this group of 42 freshmen and remembering when racheal sacier gave us the standards speech. she almost had us in tears! no advisor necessary. she was ruthless! but, it paid off b/c we didn't want to screw up for fear of meeting her in a standards meeting! i hope i came across very firm but in a very nice way! o went with me up there b/c i wasn't paying a babysitter for 30 minutes. here she is before we left. i love this dress. it's got little girls jumping rope smocked on it. i ordered it last winter for this year and it's still a little big but that just means we'll get more wear out of it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

gearing up!

the tech home opener is 1 week away. o and i are both extremely excited. we'll be tailgating with friends and then watching the game with family/friends. i'm glad o likes to be outside so much b/c on home game days she's going to live outside! :)

this beauty came in earlier this week.

and she's official! we picked up her kids club tshirt and badge earlier this week to!

now i'm off to get ready for bid night tomorrow night. it's lots of work but well worth it when you see how happy the new members are!

Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day

o and i had a busy and fun day today! i love having these days with her. it's not the same old typical weekend day; it's an extra "special" day!
we got up and went grocery shopping. going at 9 am is the time to go! there wasn't a sole there! it was awesome! then we headed to the children's shoppe but they were closed so we headed to the park to feed the ducks. the ducks never showed but o was ok with that b/c she got to eat their bread! i tried to get her to throw it but she refused; only wanted to eat it. stale bread can't be good... then an inpromptu lunch with auntie jenjen and uncle john john. (they HATE when i call them this so i'm hoping and praying i can get olivia to do it :). this was o's first experiece at hot rods. not her first bbq but definately her first time there. she ate a good bit considering she'd just eaten enough stale bread for the both of us. whew, and that was all done before nap time!

this is how beautiful it was today
loving some stale bread - in her defense it was close to lunch time
note the dress - jackie made it - her first one!
still eating...
i always feel i don't have enough pics of me and o. so, here's one. not great. notice o is still eating.
jenny commented that she did really good in the restaurant the past 2 times we've eaten with her. she said she's not embarrassed to eat with us. i'm glad!

after nap we headed to hillary for a playdate with reynolds, lindsey/drake and emery/hudson. our intention was to paint again but thankfully no one else was in the mood (i was excited about it when it was planned but the closer it got the less excited i got. it's a lot of work!) so we just played inside. no pics.

but these are super cute pj's i picked up at wal-mart today for $5 (and they are organic and came in a cute cardbord box - not that that matters b/c this child has NEVER owned anything "organic" but just thought i'd note that)! they have some really cute options for cheap! they don't have feet but it's still hot so it's ok. o has definately had a growth spurt recently. i'm noticing more and more outfits that don't fit her when i dress her. i hope her hot weather clothes last until it cools off! (if you run out to buy these cute cheap pj's note that she's wearing a 24 mth here. the legs are a little long but the top fits perfectly. so, they run small!)
she's gonna kill me for this one day :)

hope you all had a great labor day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

weekend wrap-up

i've been going non-stop this weekend but it was a blast! here's a post with few words and lots of pics!
it's no secret i was a kd at tech. my fondest college memories involve either the chapter or the friends i made through joining. i HIGHLY recommend going through rush when entering college. and not just to meet people but to meet your lifelong friends! saturday morning was "mock rush". enjoy the pics!
we headed straight from mock rush to shreveport for the tech/grambling game. i understand the point of this game; however, it was not a draw for me. i was not excited about this game. i was most excited to see the grambling band in person b/c i've never seen them live - only on tv. i was even disappointed in that! i guess they don't consider us on the same level as southern b/c they definately toned it down. they hardly danced! and, the game, let's just say that it appears it's going to be a long season... on a positive - we had a great time tailgating for several hours before the game!
here come the dawgs! (i missed it by a letter.)
gsu's drum majors kicking off the halftime show - this was as good as it got as far as their dancing...
who knew they actually marched?

and then this morning we got up and headed to winnsboro for a playdate with david scott and his family! we went to my parents first for lunch and then headed over to the anders'. i only took one pic of the playdate and it involves two girls in bikinis so i have to have their permission before i post it!

oh my word she got a kick out of doing this!