Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Was so much fun! O was so into it this year. And she's just so funny! We went to Winnsboro Sunday for our family Christmas. We had a nice immediate family only (plus the boy) dinner and then opened presents. Of course O stole the show!

There was an unfortunate case of "dog poop got on o's shirt" so we just put one of mom's t-shirts on her hence the rest of these photos she looks ridiculous!

A princess mug...

This guitar and her scooter stole the show this night and all the next day! By far her fav of the family gifts!

Riding down the ramp. 2 years ago it was a wagon, last year her four wheeler. This year the scooter. I see a pattern!

On Monday, Christmas eve we had some extended family and friends come for our traditional gumbo lunch.

And then we came back to get ready for Santa!!

And he did good!

Her daddy got here about 6:45 to be sure he didn't miss it. Next year we have to come up with a better plan bc the last two years we've had to wake her up!

And then Matt came over for our little Christmas together with her.

She went to her daddy's after lunch and Matt and I kept it low key. This morning we played with new toys, practiced on the bike and then went to meet GG and Pops in Monroe so O could go home with them until Friday so I can work.

We had a GREAT holiday!! Can't wait til the next one!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012


We had another successful Christmas season with our elf Belle. Olivia was so excited to get up every morning to look for her. She didn't do anything too crazy this year, thank goodness because cleaning up after her is not fun!

This is our last day with Belle. She will be gone when we get back from Winnsboro on Christmas eve night.

Until next year.....

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taking tacky to a whole new level.

Jenny and john had their last party in their house before they move. And it was one for the record books.

This was too funny! I heard Matt say, "I'm going to kiss you." I snapped the pic and hear jenny yell, "I thought you meant on the cheek!" john and julie, nothing happened!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Class Christmas party

They had a party and played a gift exchange game! I'm not sure how Brooksie does it but those kids love her and would do anything for her. And she for them. She had them each wait their turn while each opened their gift. That must have been pain staking for a 3 year old!!

Alli's face in this one cracks me up!

I picked her up early for a dentist apt. She let amanda do her job this time! Big girl; growing up!

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Dance observation

Well. I'm a happy mama. I think I said on her first day of dance that I'd looked forward to that day for 3 years. I lied. I've been looking forward to observation day. It was really silly how fired up I was about this. But I KNOW I wasn't alone! I know several other mamas that were just as geeked up! Our girls were PRECIOUS!! I just hope and pray that o, drew, Emory, Alli and bryleigh grace will grow up to be the best of friends because they sure are cute together now!

She was very reserved the first half of class and didn't really do much ballet. But then she got with the program for tap. I don't know if she was being shy with all the parents there or if she just prefers tap to ballet. But either way I don't care! She's always so excited to go to class and I know she enjoys it! I absolutely cannot wait until recital. I'll probably cry....

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas card 2012

Once again Brittany Napper knocked it out of the ballpark. Her company is Dixie Papiere. check her out on Facebook!

Front (photo by Sarah Jeffords - also on facebook)

Back (minus the watermark and turned horizontal to match the front layout) (photo by Crystal Garcia - if you're in Oregon look her up!)

Seriously. I LOVE Christmas cards! Checking my mail the month of December makes me so happy!

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