Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 beach trip #1

What a blast! This was my adult trip this year. So much fun. The last time I spent a really extended amount of time with my sisters I think was Hawaii when Jenny and John got married so I'd say we were a few years past due a trip. Good thing John and Brock are friends and the boy fits in well with them. :)

4 glorious days of nothing but me and the sun and some really good books! And a BIL that should have been a bartender. :)

I'm going against all I know to be right in this world and posting pics of me in a swimsuit.

And this is what I was laying next to!!

Before dinner at the steamer! My FAV place.

Dinner at Cosmo's

Before dinner on our last night.

Poor Matt sunburned pretty bad on the first day so he spent the rest of the trip under the umbrella!

Our whole group. Had a great time!

Now to prepare to take o back in about 2 weeks!!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm leaving for the beach tomorrow and need to dump done photos.

This post is exactly what the title suggests!

Sunday before church. I'm told she wore the sunglasses through Sunday school!

We were a motly crew on this day!

Princess shoes and princess bubbles. :)

Ready for day 2 of swimming lessons!

Last photo before I leave her for 6 days. Not sure I've ever gone this long. It's gonna be tough but I'm so looking forward to a long vacation!!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jenny graduates. Again.

It was hard fought but she did it. When she passes boards she'll be a nurse practitioner. Thursday was the pinning ceremony.

This morning was graduation. She was required to walk. I don't care who I know that will ever graduate from GSU but I will never attend another one. It was a political rally for Obama. The speaker was awful and pushed her own agenda. And after being told to hold applause/noise it still sounded like we were at a basketball game. (I know that goes on everywhere but it was especially bad today.) with all of that said I can say that their new assembly center is nice, their campus was clean and people were very nice. But that doesn't make up for the personal agenda of the speaker regardless of your political beliefs. There's a time and a place for that and a college graduation isn't it!

Dad supported in his black and gold. :)

The boy, Olivia and I left right after Jenny walked to meet Jackie for lunch bc she never was able to get off the interstate due to traffic.

Shout out to Jackie for also graduating today with her masters in education. But she didn't walk. We're celebrating tomorrow with a family party!

I guess I need a masters now. I feel slightly inadequate.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Olivia is 3!

I had grand plans for her birthday yesterday but life gets in the way sometimes. She'd been running a low grade temp since Sunday and I'd been swallowing razor blades since Monday morning so we headed to the dr on her birthday, tuesday. Conclusion, she has the crud and I have strep! So I sent her packing to Winnsboro. Not so she wouldn't get my strep bc considering we'd been together for the last 72 straight hours I think she'd have gotten it if she was going to, but bc I just was in no shape to take care of her. My mom had been here since Monday morning and offered to stay but sometimes a girl just wants her mommy and I just couldn't do it yesterday. I just felt awful.

My plans for her birthday were pancakes for breakfast bc her normal breakfast (on the maybe 2 days a week she actually eats it) is dry fruit loops or a cereal bar. Then her party at school. Her daddy and I had both worked our schedules so we could be there. Then since last night was our last session of Kindermusik we were going to take cupcakes and celebrate there also followed by her birthday dinner at the restaurant of her choosing. I thought it sounded like a grand day!!

Instead, here is how her day was spent. I went to work while mom kept her. Neither of us had fever when I left for work. Mom got her dressed and they went to Walmart and picked out a cake. When they got home her temp was 100. When I left work at noon I told my boss I wouldn't be back. At 12:30 my temp was 101. But o was rebounding so we sang happy birthday, blew out candles and she and mom ate cake.

She's wearing her outfit of choice. I guess a 3 year old doesn't understand temperature yet!! It was 86 degrees yesterday!

We left for the dr abt 1:45. Got our diagnosis, I got a shot, went and got yogurt, dropped off prescriptions and then I assumed the fetal position on the couch for the next several hours. Mom packed o's bags, went and picked up our meds and then headed home.

So happy birthday sweet girl! Sorry it blew for you! You are the sweetest, most mild mannered, feisty and head strong 3 year old I know! And I wouldn't change you for anything else. Next year will be better! I promise!! I love you to the moon and back!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

3rd bday party – part 2

the pics from the big camera.  thanks, jenny, for being the official photog.


drew and brintley were all over opening presents.  i was glad to have the help!  o likes to take her time!  haha!

IMG_0154 IMG_0158 IMG_0159

david scott rainwater – above.  thanks, sarah, for driving in from baton rouge!

luke alexander – below.

IMG_0161 IMG_0175

blowing out the candles.  this was an ordeal; took her forever!  but she finally did it on her own!

hudson – this boy LOVES life!  and cake!  so sweet!  and i love his mama! 


o’s “best friend” drew. 


brintley and o.


inside of the cake.  thanks, rett.


the men of the family (with lacey) doing what they do best – staying out of the way!  haha!!  in reality i couldn’t have done this without dad for making sure the party was inside when he realized it was suppose to rain all day :), john for providing the comic relief in the family and the boy for all the help.  thanks guys!


Mothers day 2012

I decided a few weeks ago that I didn't want to do a thing today. The next week and a half until I go to the beach is jam packed for us with only 2 free nights. So I'm taking advantage of doing nothing today! And then at o's party yesterday she was coughing and had a runny nose and that's still persistent today with an extremely low grade fever (like so low grade that i cant believe I'm even mentioning it) so I'm glad I had this day of nothingness planned. We've been playing with new toys, watching movies and doing lots of snuggling. Later today i plan to snap back into reality and do some cleaning and laundry but for now I'm good. :)

The boy made this weekend special for me prior to today (he's working tonight so couldn't actually be here today) and for that I'm thankful. Friday night we had dinner at my choice, port-au-prince. Then we watched 3 episodes of say yes to the dress-bridesmaids (he was a trooper) and then he obliged to my late night request of going to see the hunger games! He also helped me with the final prep for o's party. Sat morning he was up early to help me load the car and set up at the church. And then sat night he took me and o to our fav spot-Johnny's! :) needless to say he did his part for mothers day weekend.

We celebrated GG yesterday after o's party at a joint mothers day/bday party for her and John.

I probably won't have any pics from today which I know I'll regret but no one is here to take them and that's probably best since I plan to stay in my pj's!! :) happy mothers day to all my friends/family who I look up to.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

3rd birthday party!

What a fun morning! O's party was a Trinity again this year but this time in the gym. All of her little friends came and my best friends were there too. This was a very loosely themed rainbow party.

Each layer of the cake was a different color. Her daddy outdid himself again.

My parents have a pic of the three of us on these riding toys when we were 5 or 6 so we updated that photo!

And then added Olivia!

I gave her this princess vanity and she's been playing with it instead of napping this afternoon!

After the party we headed to Jenny's for john's bday/mothers day celebration. O had more cake for lunch but hey, how many times do u celebrate your 3rd bday?!?

I'll eventually upload the big camera pics so there may be another party post soon. :)

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer fun

Friday night I let o ride her bike on the road for the very first time. She LOVED it! The video is great but my blog doesn't like videos. Boo. My college kid neighbors need to spruce up their curb appeal! I didn't get her in bed until after 9pm.

We got up Saturday morning and headed to the farmers market then to the grocery store. After putting groceries away, washing produce and dragging out the swimsuit/sunscreen process as long as I could it was finally 11am and time to go swimming! I joined the tech intramural center bc the new pools are so nice! We met the Love's and Wilkerson's and Smith's there and the kids had a blast. I had fun too!

O refused to nap. Shocking. We dressed and headed to Missy's for a Kentucky derby party.

My horse won!!! Too bad I don't believe in betting. :) Miss Brooke came and picked o up abt 6 and the adult party continued at portico.

Brooke said o lasted til after 9! I was really shocked considering she'd stayed up late the night before, swam and skipped nap. But that means she's resting peacefully right now as I type this!

This morning she got to pick out her own shoes. More accurately, I just didn't want to fight it. She def has a mind of her own. Aren't they lovely?!?

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