Saturday, October 11, 2014

Honeymoon / first anniversary trip

Bc we like to live life on the edge we visit the state with current rioting. But it was fun!

We never took a honeymoon bc we decided on a whim to buy a house then planned Disney which will fall on our one year anniversary. And then pearl jam announced their tour dates. St. Louis fell on a weekend that worked so we jumped on it!

We drove up on Thursday and had an amazing dinner at this wine bar/tap room. Friday we slept late, toured the arch, toured Busch stadium then went to the concert.

Ever want to feel like katniss in the hunger games? Tour the arch. We were in a pod going up into the arena!!

Matt's family is from St. Louis so the cardinals are a special team to him.

Pearl jam didn't disappoint.

Saturday we slept late again. Met Matt's cousin, aunt and uncle for lunch, toured the Budweiser factory and watched the cardinals game in ballpark village.

Beer school was enlightening and fun!

Ballpark village is impressive. It's a HUGE sports bar and was fun to hang out there amongst the cardinal crazies.

Closer to game time the place filled up. Standing room only. Super glad we'd gotten there early for dinner.

We headed home Sunday. It was a great relaxing trip!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Elayne Grace Kitchingham

She finally arrived! 4 days past her due date but she made it! Jackie went into labor early on Monday. Like while at school the contractions started. By 5 they were intense and after a bath and loading the car she and brock headed to the hospital abt 6 pm. I'd decided I wasn't going to go - a lot of factors played in. I had o and no one to keep her, it was close out at work and I was gonna be out for two days so I had to get some stuff done. But by 8pm I'd changed my mind! I couldn't imagine not being there when she was born! My friends are the best. More than one of them offered to keep o so Jamie won bc she lives closest to me and our kids go to the same school so it was easiest on her to take an extra kid on short notice on a school night! Really, friends are so takes a village. That's so true! So I got o out of bed and packed her bag and dropped her off for her very first sleep over some place other than a family members house. I'll never be able to repay the hancocks for that one! I was on the road by 9 and met jenny and john in the parking lot. I kept telling myself I'll go home in an hour. And I kept procrastinating. By 2am I'd decided it was too late to go home I'd have to wait this one out. Me, mom, Joni and bud. It's been a LONG time since I pulled an all nighter! Matt was working so he came up a few times to wait with us. At 4 am they called the dr. She started pushing at 4:30 and at 5:45 am Elayne was born!!

I left the hospital at 6:50. Laid my head on my pillow at 7:30. Got up at 9:30 and was at work by 10:30. Then right after work headed back over there so o could meet her cousin. O's not very interested. At all. It will come. I'm not pushing it. I'm just so glad to finally be an aunt! I hope she loves me as much as o loves jackie!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall happenings

Where has the month gone?!?

We ended august with mock rush. Always a highlight for o.

September has been a whirlwind.

Grandparents days at school. So glad GG, pops and mrs Sheila could come!


And then rush happened.

Amid the fun o continues to love school and friends.

And we still take daily photos.

Tech had their first home game.

We went to the fair!!

And finally o attended bearcat belle camp this past week! And got to dance at halftime of the RHS game last night!

We've been busy having fun and getting used to kindergarten!

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Monday, August 25, 2014


The day finally arrived. We are THRILLED to be attending AE Phillips on tech campus. It's a great school and we just feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to attend. I think we're going to love Mrs. Decuir. Drew and Emory are in o's class and today she said she made a friend named Kennedy. I know Kennedy's mama and I approve this friendship! :) I just want her to grow this year and become comfortable with school and herself. And learn a little bit too. :)

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