Tuesday, July 31, 2012

let’s back up…

i’m going to be in so much trouble for this one.  let me apologize now.  sorry, boy.

i texted courtney yesterday to tell her happy anniversary.  she responded that her anniversary meant that the boy and i had been dating a year now.  not totally true but it was the anniversary of our first date.  i cannot tell you the anniversary of our dating life b/c i just don’t keep up with stuff like that.  i only know this first date date b/c it was at courtney’s wedding.

he accompanied me to courtney’s rehearsal dinner and wedding.  he was a total trooper.  b/c i was in the wedding he came later with my sisters and their husbands.  they all met my parents there.  i did my duty as a bridesmaid and walked down the aisle.  as i got to my spot and turned around i saw it.  HE WAS SITTING NEXT TO MY MOTHER!  i nearly died.  talk about breaking him in.  i didn’t even know if i really liked this guy and he’s sitting next to my mom?!?!


after the rehearsal dinner we met a group of his friends at enoch’s  to listen to josh madden.


after the wedding we went to shelley’s birthday party.  then on sunday we went to a movie before i headed back to ruston.  it, in all honesty, was a weekend long first date. 

he must not have been too traumatized.  he continued to call me.  a few weeks after the wedding we went to a corey smith concert.

IMG_0118    and we celebrated lindsey’s birthday at portico.

IMG_0132and we watched a lot of football.

IMG_0471so that catches you up to this past january when the boy made his blog appearance.  and to think this all happened b/c one night last june i jokingly asked him to go with me to a wedding.  i never thought he’d say yes.  but i’m glad he did. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Myrtle beach and o's first sleepover

I left last Thursday for a work trip to myrtle beach. This is my favorite work trip; it really is a lot of fun with plenty of free time. One night was a casino night. You don't have to twist my arm hard to make me play with fake money to win awesome prizes! I went all in on red while playing roulette. That really is a fun game!

We had plenty of free time for this!

O had her first sleepover at Jenny's Friday night! They went to Raw and stayed up until 10:30. O is still talking about it.

Saturday Jenny took o to w'boro for aunt Nell's 80th birthday party. But first they went swimming at the Anders'.

Cousins Casey and Callie.

And Wyn.

Yes I realize o wore the same outfit both nights. Apparently Jenny didn't tell mom that outfit was dirty!!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo dump

I realize I do this a lot. But I'm so afraid I'm going to forget how Olivia "was" when she's older. I want to bottle her up and keep her sweet heart like this forever. Too bad I can't.

At Jenny's house. She said she got in trouble!

Sleepy little girl.

She has a heart for others. I know. When I was laid up on the couch nursing my mouth she brought me blankets, stuffed animals and asked if she could get me anything. She would kiss my forehead and say, "you sick mama?" she's shy and timid around others but boisterous and so much fun with me and those she's closest too. She's asking so many questions and absorbing and remembering everything.

For some reason I'm being sentimental tonight.

Tooth update... It's better. Not healed but not awful. More like an annoying "thumping" in my mouth ALL DAY LONG. And my gums are so sore. I massage them several times a day bc it's the only thing that feels good!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tooth be gone.

Back in may at my 6 month dental check-up Amanda noticed an abscess on my back left molar. An X-ray showed what she and dr Johnston thought to be a rare condition called resorption. I got an appt with an endodontist for early June. He told me he wouldn't suggest a root canal bc he probably couldn't save the tooth. From there I went to a periodontist in Monroe on July 12 to have the tooth extracted. He took half the tooth but couldn't get the roots. I left there with half a tooth and an appointment with an oral surgeon in Monroe for July 30. By Tuesday of last week I couldn't take it anymore. I just knew it was infected bc I was in some pain. So I called dr Johnston to see if he'd look at it. After discussing my case with dr anzalone it was confirmed that I would be in pain until the rest of the tooth was out. Well that wasn't gonna cut it so I cancelled the appt with the guy in Monroe and got into an oral surgeon on Thursday in Shreveport. He was my lifesaver. He got the roots and stitched me up. Gave me more pain meds and said I'll see you in two weeks for a check-up. So I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday recouping with pain meds and ice packs.

My mom stayed Thursday and Friday nights and the boy came on Sunday. He's an ICU nurse so I just knew he'd be awesome. Well.... Let's just say he tried. And I'm happy with that! :)

There are all kinds of funny stories that go along with this post but they are just too long to go into. Hopefully in years to come ill be able to remember them.

Snaggle tooth blogger, Jessie.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Super Why live!!

Last night I took o to Monroe on a date! We met mom, dad and the boy at newks for dinner and then went to the show. Super Why is one of her favorite shows on PBS.

O took a pic of the boy at dinner. She'd been in winnsboro for 2 days and i swear she was more excited to see him than me. Stinker. He was headed to work after we ate.

I enjoyed the show and really think o did too. She's not an overly animated child but she's talked about it non-stop so I'm making the assumption!

Woofster is her favorite character.

Love doing fun things with her!!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


O got a little get a way this week. She went to Winnsboro Monday and came back today. They stayed up way past bedtime, went swimming and got a haircut.

On the way down Monday mom stopped at brookshires in Monroe. My cousin works there. His mom was my mom's sister and she passed away about 5 years ago. He commented to my mom that o looks just like his mom and wanted a pic with her. He and his twin brother are such sweet boys. They'd be great catches for any high school girls you may know!

I got this pic Tuesday night at 9:30. They were having dessert at 9:30!! Bedtime is 8:30!!

I got mom to take o for a haircut while there. I'm loving the new summer do. Took about 2 inches off!

Only at GG and pops house can you go get a haircut in your pj's!

She loves going there and always comes back worn out! Sign of a good time!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


This was a busy weekend! Thursday I had a tooth pulled that ended miserably. Friday was a LONG day at work and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep. But I'm a single mama. I know I didn't tell him how much I appreciate him and most likely just yelled at the poor boy but he was a champ Friday night and entertained o for a bit so I could catch a very quick cat nap before heading to dinner. After she went to bed I got into that curled up position and attempted peaceful sleep. Not so much! My mouth HURTS!!

Saturday came bright and early and after a 4am lortab run poor o was own her own for about an hour and a half bc I couldn't function. Lesson learned and I now know my cutoff time for middle of the night narcotics! After coming out of my fog we headed to Monroe for avie's bday party.

Then we met emery and Harper at newks for lunch. Matt and his cousin joined us at the end so o and I sat with them while they ate. Then to hobby lobby where o assured me the fake flowers smelled very pretty.

Our next stop was the boys grandmother's house but o fell asleep in the car so I just ran in for a few minutes and then left. She finally woke up at 4.

Then the boy came to Ruston and we all went to see ice age. I think o liked it. It was cute.

I'm tired just thinking abt Saturday and today was almost just as busy. But with no nap!! Church....

Catherine williams bday party.

Then to Monroe for dinner with the boy's family. His mom is spoiling o and had her a new chair (this is like gold to o. She loves herself a new chair), a Barbie and a coloring book. She just made herself at home today! Gotta love a 3 year old. They can be bought!

Now I'm worn out, going to take a narcotic and going to bed. Praying the pain eases up soon! I have to go back on the 30th to finish the job (this dentist couldn't get the roots out so I'll be going to an oral surgeon) so I'd like some relief before I have to do this all over again!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We are the champions...

We are the champions. No time for losing. We are the champions. Of the world.

Well, o and I aren't the champions but we met some today! Tech has 3 track/field athletes that qualified for the 2012 London games. This is huge!!

With Chelsea Hayes. Long jump. Competing for the good old US of A. Originally from new Orleans. Still a student at tech.

With Jason Morgan. Competing for his home country Jamaica. Discus thrower. He currently lives and trains in little old Ruston.

The third one Ayana Alexander wasn't able to be there. She's competing for her home country of Trinidad and Tobago where she is currently training.

We got to sign all of their good luck banners that they will take with them to London. O was adamant about signing her own name!

O showing off her autographs.

We're super excited about these Olympians right here in our own backyard.

After that we had lunch with Jenny and Jackie at the new counter culture in the intramural center. I love having special days like this with Olivia. She won't necessarily remember it but she can now say she met some bonafied Olympians! These are possibly my first Olympians (that compete individually) to meet.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Phone dump


Friday night shenanigans.

Playing in the rain.

I don't know who taught her to pull out a drawer and stand in it but instead of correcting her I told her to be still while I got my camera. Parenting genius right here.

Tiara and tutu for school. I'm not going to squash her dreams of princesses!

Happy Monday!

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