Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas is in full swing

I decided today we need to slow down and enjoy these days before Christmas. Now I just need to figure out how. I'm swamped at work and will be working late nearly everyday this week except for Thursday bc I refuse to reschedule my hair apt! I also have overextended myself on some activities for both myself and o. Know what all this means? I probably saw my new husband today at lunch for the last time until Friday when I get off work. We may pass in the driveway tmrw as I get home in time for him to leave. Sigh. The silver lining? I have the ENTIRE week of Christmas off. I just have to make it until Friday!

We enjoyed the Christmas parade with friends last week.

O sang in the community christmas program. LPECC students entertained us with 4 songs.

Matt was MIA for the family photo.

Sweetest friends!

We finally visited the jolly fellow himself. She hammed it up for the camera and I was a proud parent!

We attended the juneau's annual tacky sweater party. O partied with miss Hilary at the movies; they saw Frozen. We were woken bright and early Sunday morning so she could tell us all about it. We may have to go again christmas week so I can see it!

Church Sunday was amazing. It was the Christmas story in music. That's it. We seriously considered going to Sunday school and skipping bc I had a ton to do Sunday afternoon but we decided to stay and I'm so glad we did. Aside from hanging of the greens this is my new fav service!

Sunday night we hosted our friend christmas party. 14 adults and 13 kids. In our little house. Good thing we're such close friends; quarters were tight! We love our friends and their kids and were happy to do it. I didn't take the first pic. #slacking.

O has several fun things planned at school this week. I can't wait for her to tell me about them!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Tis the season.

I just can't believe christmas is upon us. But it's here. Several weeks ago I got a call asking if Matt and I would hang the mistletoe at our church's hanging of the greens service. This is probably my fav service of the year. I signed us up knowing full well that this is the church's way of punishing you for getting married. Jk. Kinda. :) from all accounts this particular job is always tricky. One year the guy missed the hook and the mistletoe rolled down the aisle. Last year the guy climbed a ladder. But we pulled it off with just the hook/pole. Our first act as a married couple went smoothly!!

The preschool choir did awesome!

Tonight was parent observation at dance. Matt was able to come before heading to work. I think he really enjoyed it. He's great at this whole raising a girl thing!! Seriously, a natural!

After dance we headed to the KD lodge for Christmas on the lane. The weather was so yucky we didn't hit the other houses. But o enjoyed making her candy cane out of beads and eating 2 cookies. Before dinner.

We have a jam packed schedule the rest of the month but I'm excited abt it. I love this time of year!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

We got married!!

The day couldn't have been more perfect! HUGE props to our moms and meg for pulling it off. And to emery for lending a hand with center pieces and my child! For real. I wouldn't change anything about it!

(The lighting below is awful! I look like a ghost and my makeup looks horrendous. My friends assure me it didn't look like that in person!)

I almost wish we could do it again I had so much fun! Can't wait to get the professional pics!

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The month of November

O got her first respiratory illness of the season.

We followed up with dr king.

We tried to cheer on the dawgs. Tough season.

She sang in church.

I turned 33. Matt let o pick out my present. A card with a margarita and a wine glass. Lol!!

Thanksgiving lunch at school.

O started running fever the Sunday before the wedding. I called in reinforcement!

She spent most of thanksgiving week in the boro away from other kids!

We had thanksgiving with my fam Wednesday night. Then breakfast with them Thursday morning and lunch with matts fam.

Can't believe I got a month behind!!

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