Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet and greet with Edwin Edwards

This is so totally random but o and I went to w'boro yesterday for a book signing with Edwin Edwards. You know.... The convicted felon ex gov of Louisiana. We had lunch with gg and pops then played for a while before going up there. O never napped so it was a LONG day but we survived. We had to wash her dress after lunch which is why she's half naked in some pics but she didn't care!

At the event at the old post office museum.

Cheering with her new pompoms!

Coloring and having a snack.

It was a fun day!!
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

This week

I still don't know how to get pics from this phone to my computer so I'm having to blog from my phone and I'm not a huge fan of this keyboard so please forgive any mistakes! I had the rare pleasure of eating lunch with o this week at log cabin with my mom. Fun times! On Thursday I showed some support for ovarian cancer and had my toes painted teal. Today was spent gearing up for the game and then watching the game. Another very tough loss to ms state. O had a blast playing with Carter and Ella Claire love. Thanks dlove and Missy for coming over to hang with us! A while back I won a Facebook contest from barnes portraiture and was THRILLED!! we got a free sitting and a 16 x 20! Well we got the pic this week and had it framed and it is absolutely amazing! Guy Barnes is sooo good so good at what he does!! I want so badly to post a pic of the finished product but I don't want to break any copyright rules so we'll see. But trust me when I say it is to die for! I have no idea how to arrange pics when posting like this so it's gonna be a surprise to all of us on the formatting of this post! Hope u all have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Being a tech fan is hard!

Another close game we should have won. But we had fun tailgating! I can't wait fir o's first game in a few weeks. She's been asking for champ for a few weeks now but I have a feeling once she actually sees him it will be a different story! Thanks Jenny and John; y'all outdid yourselves again!

And I just did this post from my phone trying it out. Hope it works!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

football and rush

we survived this busy but fun weekend!  friday night olivia and i hung out at home to relax before our separate but equally fun weekends. 

olivia went to winnsboro sat morning to spend a couple of nights.  she got presents, played in the water hose, played with the dogs, slept in the bed with gg (which she still talks about) and all around got her way and every whim she wanted.  but what are gg and pops for i guess!  they went to eat lunch in monroe sat and o met a boyfriend.  mom said she giggled with him and imitated his every move.  said she’s never seen her act the way she acted with this little boy.  they flirted for almost 2 solid hours!  her favorite past time at gg and pop’s is crawling through the doggy door.  it appears she may have finally outgrown this.  next time we go she may be too big to get through it!

photo (12) IMG_9978 photo (10) photo (11)

while o was living it up in the ‘boro i was tailgating; going to the tech game and working kd’s bid night.  jenny and john did a great job on the tailgate and a good time was had by all.  the game was a little close for comfort but a “w” was gained so all’s well that end’s well.  we did bid night at the pavilion again.  it is so nice to have it there – it’s plenty big enough, has a “kitchen” with a serving line, etc.  we’re thankful corre lets us have it there every year!  i didn’t even take my camera with me this year so i jacked this one pic of jackie, corre and me from fb.  next time you go to mcdonald’s don’t be surprised to see me handing out napkins.  i may have found my calling!  their theme was “new kd’s on the block” with all out eighties.  it was pretty cute.

IMG_9996  IMG_0001 IMG_9984 IMG_9993 305307_1971493966444_1215840020_31710745_1279734004_n

i was SUPER happy to get o back on monday!  i missed that little girl!  we’re gearing up for another game weekend and possibly a trip to see the lion kin in 3d!  you have NO IDEA how pumped i am for that!  the lion king is probably one of my favorite movies of all time.  once i see it i’ll take olivia back to see it!  :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

football season is upon us

i’ve been slacking in the blogging dept.  i’ve been called out by more than one person.  i’m sorry!  honestly, we haven’t been doing a whole lot b/c it’s been SOOO hot.  but now that cooler weather has hit i’m planning many more fun outings!

last weekend i met some friends at the dawghouse to watch the tech game on tv.  we got there at 6 for a 9pm kickoff and they let us stay until almost 1 when the game was over.  needless to say i was tired!


tmrw is the first home game and i’m giddy like a kid in a candy store.  after running several errands in monroe tmrw morning i’ll be heading to the hill to tailgate!  olivia’s spending the weekend in winnsboro b/c i have a big day sunday dealing with kd and bid night so she’s missing the first game.  but don’t worry; she wore her cheerleader suit today and will wear it again tmrw and will not miss another home game!  and gg bought her a set of pompoms so i’m expecting lots of cheering in the ‘boro this weekend!

IMG_9969 IMG_9970 IMG_9968

go dawgs!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

the wonderful wizard of oz

mock rush was this morning.  olivia usually really enjoys this.  well, to be honest her first time she was only about 3 months old and last year she was still too young to care about anything!  when i dressed her this morning in her wizard of oz dress we talked about each character and how they would be there.  she was so excited to take a picture with the lion and scarecrow!  but…plans change!  she didn’t want to have anything to do with them!  she did end up letting brooke hold her.  brooke is one of our favorite sitters and it will be a very sad day when she graduates next fall!  at least i have her for 1 more year!

IMG_9966 IMG_9957 IMG_9958 IMG_9961 IMG_9962 IMG_9965

working with these girls as their standards advisor is really a rewarding experience.  kd gave me so much and this is my way of giving back to kd.  corre stegall said this morning that she could never pay back kd for all it’s done for her so she just pays it forward.  well said! 

know what mock rush means???  FOOTBALL has started!  we’ll be pulling for the dawgs tonight at the dawghouse!  5 hours and counting…  CANNOT WAIT!!