Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I think O had a great Halloween! This morning the fairy ghost came to see her!

Today was also her very first time to wear jeans. Just thought I'd note that for future reference.

Then she had her party at school. They had to give her a random tshirt bc she messed up her cute halloween shirt. Clearly she was thrilled to be there.

Tonight we went to Temple's fall festival. I wasn't prepared. Next year we'll just go trick or treating. All O wanted was some candy so we ran to the dollar store and hooked her up! :) before going to Temple we ran by jenny and john's. They didn't have candy so she got an orange. She looked at it and said, "what's that?" Ha!! Then on to dinner at old Mexico, our fav!!

On the way home we smelled the overwhelming smell of orange. Looked back and O had bitten into that thing and was going to town on it!! Said it was great!! Haha!!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm behind on blogging. Let's just jump right in. I was in new orleans for 3 days last week for work. We had to go on a bus tour of the city which I was dreading but ended up enjoying it. Otherwise things were pretty tame. :)
before I left wed morning I took o to breakfast. She chose the chocolate donut with sprinkles!

I do love NOLA.

Got back Friday and then sat was a tech home game.

Today was Trinity's fall festival. Olivia jumped, went on a hay ride, painted a pumpkin, ate an entire bag of popcorn and rode in a hot air balloon! She still won't ride a pony or horse but maybe one day.

Can't wait for Halloween tmrw! I made witch hat cookies for her class party. I'm not sending her in her costume bc I don't want it to get dirty before trick-or-treating! But she has a cute shirt to wear!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Our weekend in pics

Friday night o and I had some friends over to grill and hang out. No pics taken but a good time was had!
Saturday gg came over and we visited yet another pumpkin patch.

Then o went home with gg to spend the night so I could celebrate sheree's 30th! We had a great time at palette party here in Ruston and then at portico afterwards! I really liked my painting until I added the O. It's off centered but it's for the playroom so who cares!

This was suppose to be a Christmas gift but gg and pops aren't very good at hiding things. Oops!!

Sunday was the KD pumpkin party at the lodge and o was all over that!

She now knows what glitter is oh boy!!
Another busy but fun weekend!!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

pumpkin patch 2011

crystal garcia ( outdid herself once again!  she continues to amaze me with her talent and passion for photographing kids.  it takes patience and we all know i don’t have that!

IMG_9133 IMG_9143 IMG_9166 IMG_9215 IMG_9247 IMG_9259

and for grins and giggles:

2009: (anyone remember the mullet in the front?  how could we forget it?  o rocked that look!  but then again she could rock a real mullet and make it cute.  :) 

 IMG_9537 IMG_9421

and 2010:

DSC_0633 DSC_0591

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Concert, Bday parties, Bash

What a weekend! Friday night we went to Corey smith at rabbs and it was so much fun!! I do love a good deck concert there. Brings back so many fun memories from college but I love even more making new memories with new friends.

Sat morning was jack clark's 2nd bday party and o had fun seeing a lot of her friends.

Sat night we celebrated lindsey's 30th at portico. I can't get my jacked fb pics to upload on here so ull have to trust me that a good time was had!

And today was the big cure cmd bash for our friend kaden! Jeff and Nicola worked so hard on this event and it paid off! O never would ride the pony after talking about it for an hour but maybe another time!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday fish fry

We joined some friends Sunday evening for a fish fry out in stow creek. Let me just say that I am so jealous that we don't live in that neighborhood! O has never had that many girls to play with at once! She was in heaven and FILTHY when we left there! I told her we were going to a party and she started asking for cake and presents. So I explained it was an adult party. The whole way out there she sang happy birthday to the adult party! It was so funny!

And tonight she saw my tattoo and said, "butterfly on mama's booty." (it's on my extreme lower back.) How am I going to explain this when she's older??? Oh to take back some things I did in my younger days!!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week in review

We had a very uneventful week. But a few reasons to dress up which is always fun!

Today before church. O loves those pumpkins!

Saturday we went to Monroe for some retail therapy with Jackie. She finally went to sleep on the way home so we sat in the car and listened to the tech game until she woke up!

Wed was pic day at school. This was o's first official school picture. And I wish I could post the proof! It's so funny!!!

Tues she had pumpkin patch pics with Crystal Garcia and we are on pins and needles wtg to get them back!!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

more football

Well i don't have much to say after the debacle on the field this past weekend. Olivia had a blast and couldn't have behaved better. She was an angel! I got her a pompom and she was good to go!

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