Saturday, January 10, 2009

lazy saturday morning...

it's about 10 am on sat morning and i'm watching the movie "hoosiers". remember that one? rett's hunting; his alarm went off at 3:30 this morning and i all but kicked him out of the bed. what is it about boys and hunting? i just don't understand it. but, if that's what makes them happy...getting up before dawn, sitting in the cold and maybe (or in this case, maybe not) seeing ducks. to each his own! thought i'd post some pics of us at the independence bowl from the end of january. we had awesome seats...50 yard line, 11 or 12 rows up. couldn't ask for better! enjoy!
me and rett before the game

me, dad, jackie at the game

on the pregnancy side of things...i hit the 20 week mark yesterday! we started taking pics to remember this time. below you'll see me at exactly 20 weeks. are you supposed to be this big this early on? notice the bulging t-shirt. i'm not sure they'll make clothes big enough for me by the time this is over. other than just growing i'm doing good. no real complaints other than heartburn and headaches. i'm not sure about you but i've never had heartburn before. i didn't know that's what it was. rett had to inform me that the burning in my throat and chest was in fact heartburn. i know i can't complain, from all accounts this had been one EASY pregnancy so far. let's hope it continues on this path. please forgive the oily skin and bad hair. this pic was taken late friday night. i'll try to do better in the coming weeks!

20 weeks
now i'm going to finish watching this movie (they've made it to the state championship game now. i can't remember what happens but i would assume they win) and try to be productive the rest of the day. got lots to do to get ready for this little one. have a great weekend!

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  1. Jessie, you've got to help me with my blog!! I started one too. We'll talk later. :)
    Cute pregnancy pic, by the way.