Friday, March 6, 2009


after about a 2 week hiatus i'm back! sorry for the delay. had a lot going on lately. let me catch you up. two weeks ago was my best friends engagement party. pics below.
me and the bride

i bought this dress b/c in the dressing room i thought it looked super cute. i get dressed that night and i still think i look super cute. however, i take pictures and i think the print is too big. i'm possibly the size of a barn in the photos... officially 26 weeks and 1 day in these pics; here's the official 26 week photo.

i feel like i'm gaining most of my weight in my face. is that normal? i've always had a somewhat chubby face but it's starting to get out of control! today i'm 28 weeks. i'll take the official photo this weekend and post it.

the nursery is coming along. the bedding is in. the lamp is in. the crib is being refinished as we speak. i'll take pics of what i have and post it this weekend. just need to clear out the room, paint and decorate!

me, mom and my friend courtney went to s'port last weekend and bought olivia's coming home outfit. so cute! i'll post pics later this weekend. also picked out the fabrics for the rocking chair and windows. again, pics will be posted later.

not just a whole lot going on over the past 2 - 3 weeks but still been busy. i promise not to take this long of a break again! check back later this weekend for lots more photos!

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  1. You are not the size of a barn! You look adorable and that dress is super cute!