Friday, April 2, 2010

we finally made one!

we finally made it to an easter egg hunt! 3rd time's the charm! thanks rebecca for inviting us to temple's annual egg hunt. from what i hear this was the neal's 13th or 14th year to host this event. it was huge! they have jumpers for the kids; play equipment and, or course, eggs! olivia doesn't quite yet understand how to hunt eggs but she had a great time playing in the grass, with the eggs and most importantly with her friends!

this is suppose to be my header pic but the "shrink to fit" function isn't working properly!

i love it when she's pouty!

olivia's thinking "yeah, i know i'm cute" and hudson's thinking "whatever!" love both of their expressions! we had a hard time with the bow today; it was windy!

hudson wilkerson, drake purvis & olivia - this is the best i got!
after the egg hunt i got a much needed haircut and then olivia, jackie and i headed to shreveport for some much needed shopping! we had a great time and olivia did great. i'm disappointed i didn't take any pics on her first trip to the boardwalk but maybe next time!
i'm told the tulips have bloomed at tech so tomorrow we're heading up there for a little photo shoot. i'm more excited about this than olivia... :)

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  1. love your picture of them!! and i PROMISE! I didn't even notice the picture you commented about!! haha!