Monday, December 9, 2013

Tis the season.

I just can't believe christmas is upon us. But it's here. Several weeks ago I got a call asking if Matt and I would hang the mistletoe at our church's hanging of the greens service. This is probably my fav service of the year. I signed us up knowing full well that this is the church's way of punishing you for getting married. Jk. Kinda. :) from all accounts this particular job is always tricky. One year the guy missed the hook and the mistletoe rolled down the aisle. Last year the guy climbed a ladder. But we pulled it off with just the hook/pole. Our first act as a married couple went smoothly!!

The preschool choir did awesome!

Tonight was parent observation at dance. Matt was able to come before heading to work. I think he really enjoyed it. He's great at this whole raising a girl thing!! Seriously, a natural!

After dance we headed to the KD lodge for Christmas on the lane. The weather was so yucky we didn't hit the other houses. But o enjoyed making her candy cane out of beads and eating 2 cookies. Before dinner.

We have a jam packed schedule the rest of the month but I'm excited abt it. I love this time of year!

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