Saturday, February 8, 2014

KD NCTA 2014

I traveled with our council again to NCTA, national collegiate training academy. This year it was in Chicago. In January/February. BRRR!!! Kappa Delta's are so fortunate to have this opportunity. Great speakers on leadership and learning how to properly do your job. Wish we had this when I was in the chapter!!

The river was frozen!

Woke up Saturday morning to LOTS of snow and it snowed ALL DAY LONG!

I had the bellman take my pic. He thought I was crazy. Kept asking where my coat was. I assured him I wouldn't be out long!

Council with Corre and the Friday night speaker.

My BFFL. Pronounced "biffle". Best friend for life. Apparently college kids like to abbreviate everything these days. Lol. They are so enlightening.

With national president Beth Martin Langford.

My welcoming committee. Matt had her bathed and in pjs at the airport. We don't usually go in public in pjs but I guess sometimes it's ok. :)

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