Thursday, April 14, 2016

Three weeks old

So hard to believe that Chandler wasn't even due until tomorrow, April 15, and he's now 3 weeks old. He's waking up more and has officially surpassed his birth weight. That took longer than we'd like but he's finally growing! In 5 days he gained an entire pound! Tuesday's weigh in was officially 9 lbs 7 oz!

His first real bath. This bathtub is amazing! Total back saver. When you're old parents like us that's important!

We went to the park after school on Tuesday but it was cold so we didn't stay too long.

Dance on Wednesdays.

Catching him awake...

We started tummy time. He's just like every other baby I know and isn't a fan!

Trying out a wrap. With Matt working weekends now I'm trying to lighten my load and free my hands. I think I may like this baby wearing thing.

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