Wednesday, February 11, 2009


we had a pretty fun weekend this past weekend. we slept late on saturday (seriously, like 11 AM - might as well do it while we can...) and then got ready to go to monroe. we had lunch at mcallisters, shopped at target, and then headed over to west monroe for tailgating before the mardi gras parade. i haven't been to monroe mardi gras since high school. a fun time was had by all. especially rett - he had A LOT of fun. so much so that i dropped him off at the dawg house when we got back to ruston so he could have more fun. thank you montana for bringing him home! here's a pic of us at the parade.
im 24 weeks 1 day in this pic. sunday we got up and went to sunday school and church. we've decided that we'll join Trinity UMC this sunday. my parents are coming to witness this. it's about time we found a church home here in the town we will raise our children in. we're really happy at trinity. we have joined a great sunday school class - all young couples - and look forward to finding our place there.

WARNING: if you do not like feet please do not read past here.

there's a little part of pregnancy that i wasn't prepared for. SWELLING. oh. my. gosh. since saturday my feet have been the size of my head. i swear. they are huge. see... (please excuse the half polished big toes. i haven't had them done since september so it's pretty much grown off! i plan to get them done soon since it looks like i'll be wearing flip flops for the remainder of this pregnancy - even though it is only february.)

this pic probably doesn't do them justice. i wish you could see them in person. ask rett. he called my toes vienna sausages. i didn't kill him because i have to agree. so, emery (my dear friend at work) had me convinced this was not normal so i called my doc. his response.... unfortunately there is a small percentage of women that swell badly and early during pregnancy. my next appt is monday the 16th so he said he'd look at them when i was there. no need to make a special trip up there. he and my sis (the nurse) think i should go by a pair of compression hose to wear. i know i should but those things are just UGLY. so, until i can get to wal-mart to buy these hose i come home every night after work and prop my feet up. i put my big exercise ball on the couch and lay down with my legs on the ball. the doc did tell me that to reduce the swelling they have to be above my heart. i didn't know that. no wonder only "propping" them wasn't working! they have to be HIGH! so, you've all seen my HUGE feet now. feel free to make ugly comments. i'm used to it.

i used to have such pretty feet. nice ankles with nice ankle bones. very pronounced ankles. kankles can't even describe these things!

in just a few days my pregnancy ticker will be in the double digits. holy cow. i'm so not prepared for olivia yet. my fabulous husband is building some built-ins in the new office. once that's done we can move the office into that room and then paint the former office to be the new guest room. once that room is done we can then start working on the nursery. i really hope things start to come together quickly. we're slowly running out of time! it doesn't help that we are now in the thick of tax season and rett has to work late hours. it's pretty hard to work when you don't get home until almost 9 pm. and, he also has to work at least some on weekends. when are we suppose to get all of this done??? lord knows i can't build anything and preg people can't paint either. so, i'm pretty worthless in this dept right now!

have a great rest of the week!

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  1. I can't help but laugh! You just crack me up! But I'll try to remember "what goes around comes around" & I'll keep my mouth shut!!!