Monday, February 2, 2009

cardinals came close; 23 weeks is here

as promised here are my pics. we took these yesterday at 23 weeks 2 days pregnant. growing like a weed... i was beginning to wonder why i wasn't feeling olivia move around in my tummy... well, i'm glad to say that i finally started feeling her this weekend! she is kicking away! i found out that a glass of sweet tea will make her squirm. it was the craziest feeling, but awesome!

more of a front view
a side view

can you tell i'm loving t-shirts and sweat pants. let me tell you about these pants. i got them for christmas. every year since i can remember my grandmother has bought christmas pj's for all of the grandchildren. well, mamaw passed away this past november (2 days before my bday) so we all assumed we wouldn't get new pj's this year. mom came through for us! however, i opened my box and saw a motherhood maternity box. at this point i had never been in that store but i was going on the assumption that they didn't sell pj's. and, my mom probably wouldn't have bought pj's knowing i'd only wear them for a few months. so, i slowly opened the box not knowing what to expect and saw these black cotten pants. OMG! they are the best pants ever. i wear them daily after work and also on weekends. to wal-mart, target, eating... they are fabulous. more comfy than any pj's i've ever owned. I LOVE THEM!
we went to monroe last night to watch the super bowl at my sister's (jackie's) boyfriends house. brock was so nice to have us over. i was cheering for the cardinals b/c i always cheer for the underdog if i don't have a dog in the fight. halftime came and i thought i'd have to hang it up. we headed back to ruston (to feed our dogs) and started cleaning the kitchen. rett called me into the living room a few minutes into the 4th quarter. we had ourselves a ballgame. needless to say i watched until the bitter end. glad i didn't have any money on this game! maybe next year my team will win!

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