Thursday, September 3, 2009


is finally here! is anyone else watching the south carolina/nc state game? i am! and then at 9:15 i'm watching boise (fellow wac foe) and oregon. i'll be tired at work tomorrow...

there's just something about this time of year. cool (eventually) weather; the smell of the grill while tailgating, drinking ice cold beer and cheering with your closest 10,000 (or 60,000) friends; the sound of helmets and pads hitting on the field; the sound of your band playing your fight song and your alma mater. it gets me everytime. we meet new people every year. this will be our 3rd year with these particular season tickets. we've befriended the people that sit around us and hope to meet lots of new people this year!

tech's first home game is sept 19 and i can't wait! people think i'm kidding when i talk about how much i love football. it's true. my dad instilled it in me at a very young age. and it stuck! i hope olivia enjoys this favorite pasttime of ours as much as we do. rest assured, she won't be missing very many games! she's also going to get her fair share of tailgating!
independence bowl 2008
independence bowl - 4 months pregnant
home game - last seaon - somewhere around 10 weeks pregnant
i have sooo many more pics of us at football games but they are on our other computer and i'm way too lazy to walk into our office and blog from in there. these will have to suffice.

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