Sunday, September 20, 2009

her first game!

*disclaimer* - i look horrendous in these pics... humidity and long hours does not do me well but we all had a great time!
we're so proud. olivia was a "champ" yesterday. here's how our day went...

6AM - wake up, feed, get dressed
7AM - leave for the "race for the cure" in monroe

8AM - watch daddy, jackie & john run the race
you can see barely see olivia's pink breastcancer sticker on her bib - but she was supporting!
as they ran by i yelled "slow down" - i didn't have my camera ready! the girl by john just looked at me like "are you crazy"! that's rett behind john.
jackie trucking it
8:30AM - watch daddy, jackie & john finish the race11:30AM - start tailgating in the rain, sun and steam! it was HUMID yesterday!
6PM - game time
9:15PM - game over; dawgs win!
it was a LONG day and olivia did great! considering she took about three 30 minute naps ALL DAY LONG she did awesome! she only cried once; after the game when we were loading up from cleaning up the tailgate.

i'm so glad we took her. now that we've done it we know it's not nearly as bad as we imagined! as long as she cat naps throughout the day she's fine. she entertained everyone with her smiles and giggles and met lots of friends at the game. i think we can say she was officially the youngest fan in the stands!

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