Sunday, March 28, 2010


well, i promised a positive post so you're gonna get one! i had a great weekend! friday night jackie cooked my FAVORITE meal (chicken fettucini) for her fiance's birthday so i joined them for dinner! don't worry, my brother-in-law came too so i wasn't the 3rd wheel! jenny had to work so john and i joined jackie and brock to celebrate! saturday i got up early and headed to monroe. ran lots of errands, bought some new clothes (it's been a while and felt oh so good!), and then went to a crawfish boil to celebrate brock (and his twin brother's) and daniel (and his twin brother's) birthdays! jackie and brock better watch out - twins on both sides!! that was loads of fun and i was glad to catch up with laura and bj bryan! today, our sunday school class planned an afternoon at the park. i had such grand plans of this being a beautiful day but it didn't pan out like that. it was COLD. and, i'm still kinda new to this parenting thing so i didn't have a coat or hat for olivia. we'll probably be at the doc this week with an ear infection or something. i learned my lesson though - don't pack up the winter items until after april!! however, we had a great time with the demoss', dugdale's and hunt's! enjoy the few pics!

she's obviously unhappy about being cold!

again, upset with me!

georgia dugdale, murphy demoss and olivia (the hunt's hadn't arrived yet so mary laura missed out on the girl picture; maybe next time!)

olivia missed her SECOND easter egg hunt this year! rett was going to take her to the trinity egg hunt and to his credit he did try. i told him it started at 9:30; so he woke olivia from her nap, brought her to my house so i could see her in her stinking CUTE outfit and then headed up there. he called about 10-15 minutes later to tell me that it didn't start until 11. SORRY! so, he headed home to kill some time with the intent of taking her back. he called me about 11:30 and said it wasn't happening. he had to wake her up AGAIN and she was now in a terrible mood. had it been me, i'd have taken her anyway b/c i know how she acts in crowds and i know she would have turned on the charm. but, he didn't so she missed her second hunt of the season. maybe, just maybe, we'll make it to the hunt on good friday that we were invited to! we'll see! dang it, she's gonna wear this outfit i had made for her one way or another!

i don't have a lot planned this week; well, i don't have anything planned this week so we'll be taking it easy! looking forward to a long weekend coming up!

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