Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations & WAC champs!!

Sit back and relax. This is going to be a long one with lots of pics! We left Wednesday abt 3:30 and headed to Winnsboro. Olivia was so funny all night long and had me, mom and dad all rolling laughing. Some things she says are just too funny. Mom told dad that we weren't that funny and he replied that we prbly were but they were just too tired to notice! Thurs morning we had our traditional big breakfast with Jenny and John and then dinner with the rest of the fam.

Her first "mimosa".

Thursday night mom and the 3 J's spent some quality time together and went to Vicksburg for some black Friday shopping. Then some sister time with Jenny and Jackie. We shopped all night long. I got in bed at 6:15 am Friday morning!

Friday afternoon (after a much needed 6 hrs sleep) I, with Jenny's help, got all of my christmas decor up.

It's not totally Christmas but I love it anyway.

O's tree. I'm going to add one ornament a year until she tells me to stop.

And today... Tech won the WAC championship!! It rained the ENTIRE day but that didn't stop us from having a grand time! Congrats to the bulldawgs on a great season! Sure wish Santa would bring me a trip to San Diego!!

YouTube Video

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  1. Thanks for posting that video! It made me feel like I was there (minus sitting in the rain). You are the ultimate fan!

  2. Jessie,
    Looks like you had an amazing Thanksgiving. O's tree is so cute and I love the idea of adding one ornament a year. She will grow up to appreciate it and probably carry on the tradition!