Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Legacy park and Halloween in the tonk

Tuesday's have become mom's day with o. She picks her up early from school, they have lunch, nap and then play all afternoon. O has really started to look forward to these days. Today they went to chili's and o has her first corn on the con. Then to legacy park. I haven't been there yet but from all accounts it is a top notch park!

Tonight mom went with us to Halloween in the tonk. Rett met us there and o had a blast dragging him and gg around that room! Hillary and Reynolds also met us there! And she finally got some candy!

Bean bag toss. This guy was so patient with her.

Candy walk at the KD booth.

Face painting by the "black modeling troupe". Once home O stood in the mirror and repeated pretty rainbow on my cheek. So precious!

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