Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dad is 60!!

All he wanted for his birthday was hamburgers and beer. And we delivered.

Thank to Brittany at Dixie Papiere for whipping up some invites in record time!

He was the drum major in high school!

The pic was a surprise.

O kinda stole the show. :)

Yes. This was the best pic of me and my child.

Matt, Brock and John manned the grill outside. Really Brock. The other two just supervised.

Still loves her princess 4 wheeler.

Mom and some of her friends.

Brock, mr. Big, o and Jackie.

After dinner.

He cut the cake before we sang so I had a re-do!

For some reason the only pic I have of dad visiting.

And sadly no family photo. We really dropped the ball on that one. But he had a great time and that's what matters. Happy bday dad!!

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