Monday, April 20, 2009

go ahead, ask me how much i gained this go round...

well, i've gained ZERO pounds in two weeks!!! after the weight gain debacle at my last appt i really needed that. today was my 34 week checkup and now i start going every week. OMG. every week. that means we're getting close! let me recap today's appt...

first of all i have to wait 45 minutes. not a good start considering my appt wasn't until 4. waiting that long only means that we will all be there after 5pm! so, i finally go back and there is a new nurse. i'm all for change, but i've seen the same nurse for 34 weeks now. i'd like to keep seeing her! the new nurse just stares at me feet and asks "are your feet always THAT swollen?" my reply, "well, yes and they've been this way for months now!" (had i seen my normal nurse we could have avoided the whole situation!) time for blood pressure... as she's cuffing me she asks if my blood pressure has been high (that normally comes with swelling). again i say no. she finishes my blood pressure and sure enough all is fine. 118 over 74. pretty healthy if you ask me! now, time for weight check. i feel like i'm at a weight watchers meeting everytime i step on that scale b/c someone other than myself is looking over my weight! well, i had gained ZERO pounds! after that the appt was pretty mundane... olivia's heartrate is 144. i measured 34 cm - right on track. my doc loves me so much he gave me is cell phone number for me to call him whenever i go into labor... unless he's out of town he will be delivering olivia. i asked if i was to give this number to the nurses at the hospital and he said "no, you call me." and, i'm not allowed to give the number to others - i'm special! seriously, he said he can count on 2 hands how many patients he's given his number to, so i was happy to get it! so, to sum it up, it turned into a really good appt. he gave me the go ahead to head down to BR thursday night - copy of records in hand. so, i will be able to stand next to my best friend when she gets married on saturday!

that's all for now. we've been busy getting everything ready for olivia since tax season is over! i don't know what i'm more excited about.... tax season being over or getting my docs personal cell number! once everything is complete i'll post more nursery pics. i forgot to take a 34 week official photo so i'll do a 35 week photo this coming weekend.

have a great week!

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