Monday, April 6, 2009

real quick update

short and sweet today! i'm 32 weeks 3 days pregnant! official photo below taken yesterday. went to doc today. all is good - except - weight gain. i've exceeded the 35 pd mark and i still have 7 weeks to go. oh my. im putting myself on a diet starting tomorrow! however, if you know me then i've probably told you what my mom gained with all of us so i'm afraid it may run in the family... when leaving the doc today i stopped at the front desk to make my next appt. i told the lady "two weeks" and she looks up and says "two weeks? that's a one week belly!" (she's referring to later in pregnancy when you go every week for a check-up.) gee, thanks!we're getting ready for easter around here! rett's dad and his wife and my entire family will be celebrating together this year. here's the easter wreath jackie made me! rett hates it. says it too gaudy. whatever! i think it's super cute - bright easter eggs! rett was able to pick up the baby bed tonight! i can't wait to see it! however, since it's tax season it may be tomorrow before i get to. some nights i can stay awake until he gets home and some i cant. only 1 1/2 weeks left of tax season!

i think that's all for now. oh, my baby shower is this saturday so i'm really excited about that! i'll be sure to post pics of everything - i have the best friends ever hosting it and i know it will be great!

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