Sunday, April 12, 2009

what a weekend!

first of all...Happy Easter! we had a great day today! my parents and jackie met us at church this morning and then we had lunch at jenny's house. rett's dad and his wife were in town but decided to leave early this morning to try and beat the bad weather. sorry they couldn't go to church with us or stay for lunch but other than that; such a great day!

friday marked my 33rd week of pregnancy. no official photo but lots of pics from the shower. i'm thinking about not taking any more photos. they seem to get bigger and bigger by the week. my mom told my father-in-law that he wouldn't recognize me - i look just like her when she was pregnant - pregnant from head to toe. it's true. i think even my hair has gotten bigger!
"normal" life without baby update - only 3 days left of tax season! this year has been especially trying i guess due to hormones! i may get to see my husband wednesday night! for the past few weeks i've really only gotten to see him on sundays and one (maybe 2) other nights a week if i can stay up late enough to see him when he gets home. but, we've survived another "season". this one's almost behind us and we don't have to think about it again until next february or march!

yesterday was olivia's baby shower. a few of my favorite people hosted it at the tl james house and it couldn't have been better! jenny, jackie, racheal, courtney, emery, lindsey, laura, missy & merideth did an awsome job on everything! the food was delicious and the flowers were beautiful. i got to see lots of old friends and some family members that i haven't seen in a while. i also got to see a lot of my friends babies! this was my first time to meet avie hendrix - even though i feel like i see her everyday thanks to her mama's blog! kaitlyn rockett has gotten SO big. it seems that last time i saw her she was just a baby. callie mcclure is growing like a weed! i hate that i didn't get pics with these little ones but there mama's got lots of compliments so that makes up for it! the scheer amount of gifts was overwhelming! olivia is so lucky to be loved by so many. the most special gift we received was a blanket that was started by my mamaw after she entered the hospital for the last time. we went ahead and told her we were pregnant before we were ready b/c we didn't know how much time we had left. so, she started crocheting a white blanket. she wasn't able to finish it. my mom had a friend finish it. we weren't prepared but it was at the shower. i opened the gift and began reading the note. before i knew it me, jenny and mom were all crying. the lady that finished it decided to not "correct" any of the "not perfect" stitches. it's exactly how mamaw left it and i love it. (for some reason i don't have a pic yet of this blanket but rest assured i will get one!) i think that's enough updating! without further ado here are the pics!

me and the hostesses with the mostest!

the yummy food

just some of the gifts!
two of the many monogrammed items olivia received!
WOW at all of the gifts!

a sincere THANK YOU to everyone that attended and to those that sent their love! one day i'll be able to show olivia these pics so that she knows just how many people love her!

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  1. i am SO sad i missed the shower- it looks like it was beautiful! you look great too by the way. can't wait to meet olivia - and you to meet evie!