Sunday, June 7, 2009

a few firsts

we've had a few firsts here in the hamby household today! we broke out the playmat thingy to try it out. i think she's still a tad too little for it!
then, this afternoon we went out to RCC for olivia's first time on the golf course! now, i realize that she's too young to play with her daddy on the course and that it's awefully hot outside. rest assured that we stayed in the shade the whole time and were out there less than 30 minutes. let me just say that she LOVED the ride in the cart!
i can't wait until next summer when we can fully enjoy the pool out at RCC!

my dad (pops) went to visit his mom and sister this weekend in the woodlands. he brought back a quilt that they made for olivia. it's so cute! i can't wait to take it and olivia outside for some photos!


  1. I like the quilt! When will she be allowed to go into stores??? Its time to go shopping.

  2. Hey Jessie! I didn't know you blogged! Isn't it fun? Olivia is ADORABLE! She is so tiny too!