Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i've got some catching up to do!

let's start with father's day. we gave rett is present a few days early b/c i just like to give presents and couldn't hold off! olivia and i got rett a new bike helmet. he needed a new one b/c his had lost all of it's padding and, according to him, was uncomfortable. i can only imagine! here's a pic of olivia giving her daddy his present!then, that sunday my dad came over along with my sisters and we grilled hamburgers. here is a pic of rett and olivia playing on the floor actually celebrating father's day! fast foward past that... one night over the past two weeks after giving olivia a bath her daddy thought it would be funny to "mohawk" her hair. i get that's it's cute when you're at home; however, it was still "mohawked" the next day! we had to run errands with a mohawk! i guess i should just be thankful she still has hair!fast foward again to this past weekend. it was the annual peach festival here in ruston. rett and jackie ran in the 5k. it was jackie's 3rd race and rett's first! he did really well. they were hoping for a time of around 36 minutes. they actually finished in the 33 minute range! congrats to them! i meant to get a pic of both of them but i didn't know what jackie was wearing so i missed her. here is rett getting really close to the finish line! it's kind of far away but you get the idea!i had my 6 week checkup today! my doctor will not give me a magic diet pill. boo. without breastfeeding my weight is pretty much staying in one place. i'm pretty discouraged about that. i know i have to eat right and exercise but i see other new moms whose weight just fell off. mine is NOT doing that! i'd love to post some pics of me and olivia but i'm just not loving the way i look right now so i'll spare you those! hopefully over the next few weeks/months i'll start to lose this baby weight!

in good newsl...i got a hair cut today...with bangs! can't wait to show you some pics!

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