Friday, October 16, 2009

5 months old!

olivia was 5 months old yesterday! she's getting so big. she has just started reaching for things and holding some toys. she has taken a very special interest in the lion toy that's been on her carseat since birth. she grabs his foot and chews on it and then "talks" to it! it's so cute!and, look who is now, finally, wearing a bow! i have to go buy more now that she can wear them!
here's a shot of her "holding" a toy!
the doctor told us to start baby food when she was 3 months old. so, we did. we've tried green beans for the past two nights. she HATES them! she makes these choking and gagging noises and these faces that i've never seen before. and she spits every bite back out! so, tonight we're trying sweet potatos. she must get it from her mommy - i hate green beans too! we've video taped the past two nights b/c it really is funny. i'll post them soon!


  1. I know a great place you can get a bow holder painted just for Sweet Olivia! ;)

  2. O is getting so big!!! I love her little striped outfit. So sweet.

  3. Tucker hated green beans and ALL vegetables at first... but if you dip a lil' baby fruit with it she might enjoy it more! Isn't it funny how they 'gag' at it... we as well caught T on camera!! Silly lil' things!! :)