Saturday, October 31, 2009

a very spooky night!

happy halloween! this year olivia chose to be a goldfish. she told me that's what she wanted to be so that's what she was! i'm really just posting pics of today. she wore her halloween dress aunt jackie made and got lots of compliments! aunt jackie also made her trick-or-treat basket. she's so crafty!


  1. What a precious goldfish! Olivia made a great choice in her costume. And, hey, it looks like she's starting to smile when Mom brings the camera out. So sweet!!!

  2. Hey girl! I just came across your blog from Lindsay Lewis's..she was one of my sorority sisters at Tech! She was so cute as a goldfish! I was laughing when I first saw your blog b/c I made the same bucket for my daughter this year!! Great minds think alike! :)