Tuesday, October 6, 2009

book club!

i joined a book club with some other awesome girls and we had our first meeting tonight! it was really more of a social hour but we did pick our first 4 books! this month we're reading "the help". i've heard GREAT things about it so i can't wait to start reading!

is anyone else in a book club? what are you reading? got any good suggestions? i'm writing this like 1,000 people read this when in all actuality it's probably more like 4. oh well.

i've got lots to catch you up on (all 4 of you!) but right now it's late and i'm tired. since we got back from mississippi we've been super busy and i haven't even downloaded pics in over a week! olivia is GROWING so fast. i'll do a BIG catch up post this weekend!


  1. I read your blog -- so I guess that means I'm a quarter of your followers! Anyway, I don't know what type of books you're looking for -- serious, light and easy, or what. I read the book by Randy Pausch -- The Last Lecture -- a very inspirational and easy read. And I've heard that "Eat, Pray, Love" is good but I haven't read it. To be honest, I haven't read much more than baby-related books for the past few months. Go figure!

  2. i'm actually quite thankful for this post as i was unable to attend the meeting. now i know what to read and can't wait to get started!