Wednesday, November 11, 2009

we love mrs. meg!

i know. i've been slacking with the blog. sorry!

meg has been a friend of mine since she was a senior in high school. oh, about 5 or 6 years now! she started working for us as an "intern" for school and then continued to work at mcintyre while in college.

she loves kids and, thankfully, said she'd babysit while she and her husband were home this week from florida (where they live - jealous - i know!) so, tuesday afternoon she came over and spent some time with olivia while i ran errands. here are some pics she took. don't you just love a babysitter that will take pics of your child!?!?
as you can see olivia loves mrs. meg! she also loves her feet now. she found them and won't let them go!
here's a pic of meg and olivia shortly after she was born!
ok, now i'll catch you up on olivia since my last post. as noted above she loves her feet! she's "talking" all the time. she's become somewhat dependant - she whines when i (or rett or anyone else) walks out of the room and leaves her alone. she needs constant entertainment, which makes my job just a tiny bit harder! she's sick again. the same "virus" she had last time. stuffy nose, coughing, etc... still no fever. we took her to the doctor saturday morning and he tested her for rsv but it came back negative. we're starting zyrtec tomorrow night to see if it helps. she'll be 6 months old on sunday. i can't believe it! she goes for her 6 month checkup on monday.
i scored some tickets to the tech/lsu game this weekend (thanks boss man!) so rett and i are heading down saturday after olivia gets her shots. does it make me a bad mom that i'm leaving her on the day she gets her 6 month shots? i hope not. she's not been affected by any of her shots thus far so i'm praying these go just as smoothly.
i guess that's all for now. have a great rest of the week and weekend!


  1. Babysitters who take pictures are fantastic! I come home to new pictures every day & I love it!!

  2. I love Mrs. Meg too!! :) And, I love that little girl's smile! How sweet.

  3. Meg told me about her fab day with Olivia... She is such a cutie pie & I can't believe that she is almost 6 months old!

  4. Thanks for the free advertisement! Please send this out to people in Monroe :) haha... Olivia and I had soooo much fun playing!! I'll be ready for some more play dates in a month! (every now and then, ha)...

  5. Garrett turned 6 months this past Tuesday! He has to be entertained 24/7 too!