Monday, November 23, 2009

where did the past two weeks go???

so sorry. again. it's been a while. let me catch you up.
olivia went to her first basketball game a few weeks ago. this is wes a. holding her. he LOVES olivia!
two weekends ago rett and i headed to br for the tech vs lsu game. what a game! so close!olivia turned 6 months on the 15th.
i turned 29 (oh my) on the 18th.
olivia has rsv. yes. rsv. sick little girl. we're doing breathing treatments 3 times a day, indefinately. she's not going to daycare which means we're lucky enough to have to pay daycare AND babysitters. oh joy. we can't even take her to thanksgiving b/c she can't be around large groups of people.
you can just see it in her eyes that she does not feel good! this was at the doctor the week before she was diagnosed with rsv. she was actually diagnosed a week later at her 6 month well baby check up.
here are some pics that i thought just turned out cute!
in SUPER exciting news... my friend sarah had her baby, david scott, on my bday! go over to her page and tell her just how cute baby rain is!
i realize that olivia is wearing pj's in almost all of these pics. well, when you don't leave the house for weeks on end, there's really no need to get dressed! however, she will wear her thanksgiving smocked dress even though we'll just be staying at home. might as well get SOME wear out of it!
i think that hits the highlights. stay tuned to see how my first thanksgiving dinner turns out. this may be my first and last to ccok!


  1. Poor thing!!! I hear that RSV is NO fun!

  2. Evie had RSV and missed her first Easter with our family....she also had round two this needless to say we have become quite acquainted with the nebulizer! hope she gets well soon!!