Friday, November 27, 2009

happy thanksgiving and guess who can sit up!

well, happy thanksgiving a day late. this year rett and i are sooo thankful for our precious little girl. as noted in my last post we couln't go anywhere this year b/c of olivia's rsv. so, we stayed home and had our own little thankgiving. we cooked a turkey, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole and an apple pie. all of these we'd never even attempted to cook before so we were "winging" it! and, i must say, it was DELICIOUS! we outdid ourselves. we have enough to feed us for a week but at least we liked it! sadly, i have no pictures to document our kitchen adventures.

guess who's sitting up now??? you got it! our little girl can sit, unassisted, for a minute or two at a time! it's so fun to sit her up and yell at her to get her to look at you. she gives this look like, what, why are you screaming at me???

and, to prove it... enjoy! these were taken over the last few days. the pumpkin outfit was worn yesterday on thanksgiving so at least we got SOME pictures of her first thanksgiving!

and, an rsv update... we're still doing breathing treatments 3 times a day. olivia officially has no schedule, and it's driving me crazy. the cough is still persistant but not as bad. she sleeps very little, probably b/c the breathing treatment is a steroid and it hypes her up. her eating had decreased to about 2-4 ounces every 3 hours or so and i was force feeding those. finally, over the past day her appetite has picked up and we're up to about 5-7 ounces every 3-4 hours. i THINK we're turning the corner here. hopefully we can get her back on her regular schedule sooner rather than later. i think we're taking her back to daycare on monday but i'm worried that she's just going to relapse. so, i don't know what to do but i do know that i can't keep paying for fulltime daycare and fulltime babysitters! the past two weeks have been EXPENSIVE! i think that catches you up. have a great weekend!

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