Saturday, January 30, 2010

the many faces of olivia

b/c my last few posts were kind of heavy and definately lacked in the picture catagory, here are the many faces of olivia! these were all taken on two days this week so please forgive the crusty nose. enjoy!she's sooo much fun now! definately making forward progress on her crawling but not totally there yet, making all sorts of funny noises, "screaming" at us, and just thursday she pulled up on the couch! now, she hasn't done it since and fell right back down, but she did it! i'm having a blast with her. just wish she would get well so we could go do things!


  1. The second to last picture is fabulous!

  2. I'm glad you can capture her precious camera isn't quite fast enough. All my attempts come out blurry!

  3. All of the pictures are great! Keep them coming!