Monday, January 25, 2010

olivia vs rsv - round 2

well, rsv won the first battle but i'm determined to beat it this time! olivia got a runny nose friday night but the snot (gross!) was clear so i didn't think anything about it. by saturday night the snot had turned green and her breathing was worse. sunday was the same. so, this morning i took her to the doctor. RSV. again. along with an ear infection! and according to the doc, a "very bad" ear infection. my lord. she showed no signs of an ear infection. how am i ever suppose to know when she has another one??? any help from you moms out there would be greatly appreciated! sooo, we're on 2 antibiotics twice a day and breathing treatments twice a day. that definately adds to my routine every morning and evening. i'm trying to be super mom and it's not working out for me! i'll get there. eventually.

i took some really cute pics of olivia this afternoon after we got back from the doc but to be honest i'm too lazy to upload them tonight. maybe one night this week!

i've lined up babysitters for the week b/c little miss rsv can't go to daycare. i hope she acts right for them! she's typically a pretty good sick baby. she played this afternoon but was clingly. as long as she continues to sleep through the night she can be as clingly as she wants during the day! i've learned to pick my battles. and, let's face it, who doesn't want to cuddle with their sick child??? it really is fun!

sorry this was kind of random. but, just killing time before bed. kitchen is clean (read: straightened) and clothes are washed (read: on the couch waiting to be folded). i guess i'm really just avoiding chores!


  1. Poor Olivia! David Scott is currently sick with a cold and we're hoping it doesn't turn into anything worse. They're just pitiful when they're sick. Anyway, if he can get a ticket at face value, then yes, Scotty will go to Miami. Otherwise, we'll just watch it on tv like everyone else.

  2. I'm sorry Olivia is sick again :(. Hope she'll be feeling better very soon!

    I also wanted you to know, Jessie, that you've been on my heart so much lately. I hate that I'm just now commenting, but please do know that you're in my prayers. You seem to be very strong, but I know this all can't be easy. I pray continued peace and strength for you and that God will direct your every step during this difficult journey. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

    Much love :)